Poll numbers are looking good for republicans, early

Not a good sign for Democrats, usually republicans are behind in the polls at this time, but we are surging ahead.
My only concern was Georgia but Walker Is opening up a lead. Thank god Rafael can go back home and beat his wife.

If we do achieve a 15 seat advantage joe Biden will be impeached and removed. Harris will be next

Well, future Speaker Kevin McCarthy already has the impeachment papers drawn up.
Pedophile Joe will be given that long rest he so desperately needs.

Kevin McCarthy is a snake. I don’t trust that rino. I want a guarantee. I want MTG named speaker, or Matt Gaetz. No more Mitch McConnell’s.

What’s wonderful about impeachment is it opens all types of revealing investigations that could destroy Democrats. From corrupt FBI to the open borders. green new deal, the attack on our energy. Could play well for impeachment to go right into the 2024 presidential campaign.

Biden could be removed in May 2024, give Harris a month or two to fuck up, impeach her ass going in to the election.

This is concerning… republicans must tap in to our heritage and culture. https://twitter.com/scottmgreer/status/1571491625548775432?s=46&t=VX9tn37LZqFNguRHvPuQmA

McCarthy already has the impeachment papers drawn up. He will be able to get elected easily to the Speaker’s chair.
My friend, I have an open mind. If you have some items that you think would qualify McCarthy as a Republican in name only, I’m all ears. Do you have a voting record where he went along with one of Nazi Pelosi’s harebrained schemes? Stuff like that.

Yes, he’s from Califagula, (which would be a disqualifying trait by itself). As minority leader, he’s had to act to corral opposing factions even in his own party. (Unlike the Democrats,who march in Nazi lockstep on every issue) the Republicans have trouble agreeing on lunch.

This is the Kevin McCarthy I know of.

# Rep. Kevin McCarthy: What has Biden done since he’s been in office?

Just remember, people actually looked at Newt Gingrich as a rino, and America NEVER had a better conservative in that seat.

Kevin McCarthy turned on Donald Trump and all Donald Trump supporters on January 6th… then after a few days he saw trump’s support stayed steady, he changed his tune. I don’t trust the man. He’s done other things I have questioned, I have great rino radar… he’s spot on… if the polls blow in the direction of another choice he will tie the rope to hang trump.

Along with 85% of the republican party !!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Trumpy turned carnival barker . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Lol what doofas …………

I have stayed out of this up to now. I loved Trump as POTUS. I WILL vote for him again if he is the guy come November. I really don’t think it’s in rthe country’s best interest to put him out there again. I don’t hate him. I just think the country has had enough of him. I guess we’ll see when the time comes?

I don’t get the cowardly response.
Your guy gets lynched, cheated, attacked attack His family, raid his home, and your response is go hide?
No we don’t do that here. He’s our nominee… get behind him or get out the way

Cowardly? I’m not sure I understand that. I voted for Trump twice. I’ll vote for him again…IF he is the nominee. With the state of the country as it is right now, I just don’t see Trump being the guy in 24’. I’m not opposed to him at all… I just don’t think the country will stand him up again. I’ve been wrong before. I might be wrong again. If I am, I’m okay with it.

He had the most votes for a sitting president… half the country thinks cheating took place and feel cheated. Trump is all we have

I’m one that thinks cheating took place. I’m not sure Trump is all we have. We have a year+ to see. Like I said, I’m not opposed to Trump… I just think his time is done.

Someone said Vernon Jones’s was going to be governor of Georgia. I mean that’s uneducated

He may not get to the finish line if Democrats get their way with this latest development which is extremely troubling. Don’t tell the Jizzer, as he keeps with his repeated dogma of high schooler one liners because he views such men as his savior are clueless dolts.

Elections don’t mean anything if they are rigged and have become selections. Cheney who has since been voted out of office is going scorched Earth and Republicans are going along with it.

This is the shit that pisses me off, this piss ant loser has to lie about military service to advance… this guy should be kicked out of every bar he tries to sit his short fat ass in… NRCC pulls ads for Majewski after reports he didn’t actually serve in Afghanistan after 9/11.


Morning America: Check your 401k, then Vote Red like your life depends on it, because it does