Political Bullpen: can controlled opposition be a good thing?

Is controlled opposition ever a good thing, is a designated echo chamber better than having no voice at all? Maybe the illusion of Project Veritas or Veterans protecting free speech on a quasi social media platforms is a meme worth preserving. the revelations of Edward Snowden, and the arrests of Julian Assange, and Anonymous kinda de facto prove that even the best opsec is ultimately ineffective, and social engineering beats truth and revelations in the long run. HIstorically has condoned or engineered revolt ever lead to actual revolt? has there ever been an agent provocateur too good for his own good?

If you hadn’t noticed, there are certain views that are permissible on social media and certain views that aren’t. Sites that welcome the rejected views will be called echo chambers simply because there is a predominance of people who lean one way politically, but not all who lean that way agree. At least not here and I suspect in most places. You will only find the masses all head nodding one another on Twitter and Facebook.

Julian Assange never practiced OPSEC because the whole point was to treat WikiLeaks as a media outlet and the publishers of content as journalists.

Edward Snowden blew his own cover after he leaked then ran. Again - where is the breakdown of OPSEC?

The far right, dissident right, and alt-light are absolute shit tier at practicing OPSEC. Everyone knows this.

Sure. The CIA was really good at kicking off revolts in South America and Central America for a while. Now look at the mess we’re dealing with.


I see where you’re going with this. I guess it would be better for everyone here to stop posting and just go to sleep. Maybe we should just give up and sulk because things are hard.

Sounds to me like you are the controlled opposition.

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Please elaborate on this point further.

@charlespfinney you seem to be asking a lot of questions but don’t have any recommendations of your own. Shills don’t last long here.

Infringing on the rights of any ultimately infringes on the rights of all…don’t bust yourselves back to serfdom.

A friend once speculated that Lyndon LaRouche was actually a CIA op to keep track of the crazies. The only problem with that is, they aren’t that smart any more.

They used to be able to meddle with a few agents and a few sacks of money and get 25 years of stability with a guy like the Shah in Iran. Now, they get conned by people like Chalabi in Iraq and we waste a trillion dollars nation-building in that hellhole.

@charlespfinney - I took the rime to respond the least you can do is not hit and run.

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So what did you build Chuck? What are your OPSEC secrets?