Police Officer who Revealed Epstien was Murdered is Found Dead

It just gets more and more farcical each additional day now…

You know a few weeks ago when Epstein was first arrested, and then even more so when he died, a lot of normies I know were tuned into this story, and they would even ask me about what I knew completely unprompted…

But now since Epstein has been murdered pretty obviously, and then even more so after these oh so predictable like a Hollywood movie type facts keep trickling out each additional day, I just don’t see the same level of interest and intensity out there in my normie life that compares to the atmosphere three weeks ago…

Normies are just going about their day, living their lives, working their jobs, eating their goyim-feed, and sleeping comfy at night now because the truth is that this story is no longer in the media anymore like it was back when he was just arrested and put into jail… There was genuine shock and outrage about that because of course the media was full of interest and outrage about that… So the response was like a stimulus-to-response type thing in the normie world straight from the media to the goyim social scene…

But now that the agenda of the media is to bury Epstein related news, because it demonstrates the futility and the comedy of this Clown World, all the normies I know have now personally memory holed this entire story in their heads… They have totally failed to draw the necessary implications, and they have completely succeeded in following next news product and next bread/circus display by the media…

We really may need to soon re-visit the whole concept of the NPC- that’s all I’m saying.

Am I wrong?



You are not wrong. That is why the media flipped when the NPC meme popped up. It has to be assumed that a huge portion of people don’t really have any independent internal dialogue. They converse with people but only about approved subjects.


It’s blackpilling af to see how normies got all riled up about this story and now have completely forgotten about it.

If they can get away with this without widespread scrutiny, what can’t they get away with?

They got away with 9-11…
They got away with World Wars I and II…
And those are just three biggest off the top of my head…

They are currently getting away with White Genocide…

People only pay attention if the ■■■■■■■■■ or some other perceived authority is telling them that some event is important to know about…

People just simply aren’t as skeptical as they need to be in order to even get close to qualifying as revolutionaries.

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It will come back into public interest. They just have to have something new. People get sick of hearing the same shit over and over everyday.

People are too comfortable right now, yes most people’s lives suck, they work all day for nothing, get taxed, get moaned at. Buy until people get rid of all (((their))) trappings and feel some real hunger not much will change.

Tucker needs to run with this, put it back in front of enough people’s faces and the rest of the MSM won’t be able to resist piling on him for talking about it, thus putting it in front of more people’s faces.

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How strange, another " suicide " of someone attempting to expose Cigar Bill. I wonder if the gunshot was to the back of the head.
Whenever we have these Epstein type crimes occur, we have smoke blown up our ass about getting to the bottom of it, only for it to gradually disappear from the public view.
Such is the power of the press when the powerful elites are involved
. It wouldn’t happen if Epstein was a schoolteacher.
I’m sure Cigar Bill will say " I didn’t have contact with that man and didn’t pose for the painting ".

Oddly enough, I have little but internal dialogue.

So if you think the humor I post is occasionally bad just imagine all the stuff that never makes it past the defenses?

Henry Marshall: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/5988-did-lbj-order-the-killing-of-henry-marshall/

I’m not saying that being in Clinton’s orbit, even just as a proverbial passing planetoid, is more dangerous than being in LBJ’s … but the Clintonistas’ tally isn’t finished yet.

During the Obama years I theorized that the steady stream of scandals serious enough to keep us agitated but never serious enough to upset his base, also noting how they tended to ramp up over time, was evidence that Obama and company had learned to manage scandal with scandal, by which I mean to condition their base to simply circle the wagons to -whatever- and not care in part simply because we were upset about it.

The scandals, I observed, also wore out many Obama opponents over time.