Police officer forced to give up chase as Tesla electric patrol car runs low on battery

The suspect has yet to be charged.

Neither has the Tesla.

Criminals everywhere are now hoping the Green New Deal goes through :smile:

What!!! No mice on treadmills under the hood or roof top solar panels!!!
The mechanics are installing pedals on the floor of all the PDs cars.
More good news for investors in Tesla.

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More proof that Tesla only stays in business because of government handouts.

Where is AOC to complain about these GREEN CARS ???

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If AOC had her way there wouldn’t be any police to chase the criminals!


Perhaps they should pass a law requiring felons to stop and wait for the Tesla patrol car to charge.

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Here’s a bright idea. Let the police make the decisions about what vehicles they want to drive. My brother is a police officer in Edmonton and he was not happy when they got rid of the Crown Vics and went to all SUVs.

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Poe’s Law - when situations become so retarded, satire and reality are indistinguishable from each other.

What is this? Fiscally irresponsible decision #1736896729856632? How many standard gasoline police vehicles could they have bought with just the money they pissed away on this one Tesla.