Pillow Talk with Antonin Scalia

All I can say is wow.

Partly, because yes - he was right and it was a great way to make a point (by telling his story).

But also because I realize that a person could never get away with saying anything even close to that in 2020.

If anyone had the guts to publicly say what he said in 2020, he would be shouted down at that roundtable. He would be attacked viciously in all media. He would immediately lose his job. His family would all be threatened and harassed.

That being said, we need to all be unafraid as we state our opinions. But also back our opinions up with readiness to defend both intellectually and physically these days.



Ironic that Thomas is the last defender of the Constitution on the (((Court))).

He was certainly murdered.

Podesta was there debating whether to Spirit Cook Scalia with a traditional marinara or maybe something fancier, an agrodolce perhaps…

No way this could ever be said now, but it should be.