Piers Morgan on today's LIBERALS

As much as I disliked this man’s comments years back, I’m pleased to see that he has seen the light.

Liberalism is a mental disorder!


7 Reasons Liberals are Incapable of Understanding the World

1) Liberalism creates a feedback loop. It is usually impossible for a non-liberal to change a liberal’s mind about political issues because liberalism works like so: only liberals are credible sources of information. How do you know someone’s liberal? He espouses liberal doctrine. So, no matter how plausible what you say may be, it will be ignored if you’re not a liberal and if you are a liberal, of course, you probably agree with liberal views. This sort of close-mindedness makes liberals nearly impervious to any information that might undermine their beliefs.

2) Liberals sources of information are ever present. Conservatives are regularly exposed to the liberal viewpoint whether they want to be or not. That’s not necessarily so for liberals. Imagine the average day for liberals. They get up and read their local newspaper. It has a liberal viewpoint. They take their kids to school, where the teachers are liberal. Then they go to work, listen to NPR which has a liberal viewpoint on the way home, and then turn on the nightly news which also skews leftward. From there, they turn on TV and watch shows created by liberals that lean to the left, if they have any political viewpoint at all. Unless liberals actively seek out conservative viewpoints, which is unlikely, the only conservative arguments they’re probably going to hear are going to be through the heavily distorted, poorly translated, deeply skeptical lens of other liberals.

3) Liberals emphasize feeling superior, not superior results. Liberalism is all about appearances, not outcomes. What matters to liberals is how a program makes them FEEL about themselves, not whether it works or not. Thus a program like Headstart, which sounds good because it’s designed to help children read, makes liberals feel good about themselves, even though the program doesn’t work and wastes billions. A ban on DDT makes liberals feel good about themselves because they’re “protecting the environment” even though millions of people have died as a result. For liberals, it’s not what a program does in the real world; it’s about whether they feel better about themselves for supporting it.

4) Liberals are big believers in moral relativism. This spins them round and round because if the only thing that’s wrong is saying that there’s an absolute moral code, then you lose your ability to tell cause from effect, good from bad, and right from wrong. Taking being non-judgmental to the level that liberals do leaves them paralyzed, pondering “why they hate us” because they feel incapable of saying, “That’s wrong," and doing something about it. If you’re against firm standards and condemning immoral behavior, then your moral compass won’t work and you’ll also be for immorality, as well as societal and cultural decay by default.

5) Liberals tend to view people as parts of groups, not individuals. One of the prejudices of liberalism is that they see everyone as part of a group, not as an individual. This can lead to rather bizarre disparities when say, a man from a group that they consider to be powerless, impoverished victims becomes the leader of the free world – and he’s challenged by a group of lower middle class white people who’ve banded together because individually they’re powerless. If you listen to the liberal rhetoric, you might think Barack Obama was a black Republican being surrounded by a KKK lynching party 100 years ago – as opposed to the single most powerful man in America abusing the authority of his office to attack ordinary Tea Partiers who have the audacity to speak the truth to power for the good of their country.

6) Liberals take a dim view of personal responsibility. Who’s at fault if a criminal commits a crime? The criminal or society? If someone creates a business and becomes a millionaire, is that the result of hard work and talent or luck? If you’re dirt poor, starving, and haven’t worked in 5 years, is that a personal failing or a failure of the state? Conservatives would tend to say the former in each case, while liberals would tend to say the latter. But when you disconnect what an individual does from the results that happen in his life, it’s very difficult to understand cause and effect in people’s lives.

7) Liberals give themselves far too much credit just for being liberal. To many liberals, all one needs to do to be wise, intelligent, compassionate, open minded, and sensitive is to BE LIBERAL. In other words, many of the good things about a person spring not from his actions, but from the ideology he holds. This has an obvious appeal. You can be a diehard misogynist, but plausibly call yourself a feminist, hate blacks, but accuse others of racism, have a subpar IQ and be an intellectual, give nothing to charity and be compassionate, etc., etc., and all you have to do is call yourself a liberal. It’s a shortcut to virtue much like the corrupt old idea of religious indulgences. Why live a life of virtue when you could live a sinful life and buy your way into heaven? If you’re a liberal, why actually live a life of virtue when you can merely call yourself a liberal and get credit for being virtuous, even when you’ve done nothing to earn it?


Lately, I have a problem with the use of the word “liberal” as applied to modern democrat progressives. To me it implies an association with liberty. And we all know, those chumps do not respect liberty!

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Progressives used to be fringe. Now they are mainstream and people on the right are considered to be the outlaws. Eventually, the pendulum will swing the other way. Then the cycle will repeat.

There are several legitimate connotations of the word liberal.

  • To apply paint liberally is to use more than is required.

  • To spend liberally is to be a spendthrift and spend more than is necessary.

  • To parent liberally is to grant more freedom of choice to the child.

The common factor is more of something. Of the above, only the liberal parenting translates to more liberty (for the child), but it is not open ended. The child’s behavior must remain within the bounds of what the parent thinks is proper.

This same issue is replete in the family of liberals within or US population and likely extends to liberals around the world.

The claim is that one has liberty to do as one pleases, but the reality is that when a liberal disagrees with the popular liberal agenda, that person is blackballed, tarred and feathered and ostracized. This is evidenced by the behavior of the Hollywood elite and the gurus of the movie industry in the treatment of all actors that display a conservative bent.

You can do as you please as long as it supports the liberal mindset. Do otherwise and you will be thrown under the bus.

Today’s “progressive” (liberal) party offers no liberty. You behave as the leaders say, support what the leaders support, oppose what the leaders oppose, repeat the lies promulgated by the leaders and the fake news media, vote for liberal candidates whether they are competent or not…or you’ll be sorry.

The list of words that must not be spoken grows every time a whining liberal feels offended. Liberalism takes liberties away from the rest of the population just as it does from its own flock.

Liberalism has very little to do with liberty.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Im actually shocked that Morgan said that, but you cant disagree with that
Cant believe Im saying that I agree with Piers Morgan for once.

Liberals and add the left have become too unbearable and dare I say unstable

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The left has gone so far to the left that they aren’t making sense to people who are well-known lefty progressives. This is a whole new animal that is beginning to publicly eat itself.

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aint that that truth :+1::+1:

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A classical liberal supports free markets and views government as a voluntary association. That’s not what we are dealing with here.


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Piers Morgan has always had the same opinions. What you disagreed with him about was his view on guns. :wink:

Long before the Donald Trump era began, there were other issues I thought him askew on. He came across as a liberal on several of the times I caught him talking on the TV screen. It’s been so long I can’t remember the topics, but they were often not related to guns.

I didn’t catch many of his shows when he was programmed on CNN for several years. I thought him to be an arrogant asshole. He banned several celebrities from appearing on his show, including Kelsey Grammer, one of my favorite conservatives.

I think he actually feared people who might be smarter than he.

So, no. My distaste for him wasn’t all about guns.

Do you know that Jeremy Clarkson punched him in the face? It would have been rather pathetic though. :grin:


I’;m not a fan of Morgan but he nailed it here . BRAVO !! :clap::clap:

Yup. Here is proof. Unfortunately instead of being sectioned like they should be, they roam the streets and internet causing havoc, and too many are even in positions of power.

Definitely it is further proof. We have enough proof already in the screaming and crying we see from mentally disturbed liberals that cannot cope with Bitchillary’s self inflicted loss to Trump. That the Demwits have yet to accept that he won and that he IS the President of the United States is patently obvious. They are doing exactly what Bitchillary said that Trump would be doing if he failed to accept her as the winner…undermining our system of government.

Your bloke seems way off kilter in fearing that a heat seeking missile will be fired at him yet positioning himself to provide the best possible target.

He might as well just jump out in front of a speeding bus.