Phony Conservative Ashton Blaise Fakes Suicide Attempt then Continues to Show Boobs


The only reason this dumb girl has any followers at all is because she has big tits that are usually half out in her retarded videos. If that wasn’t cringey enough, she’s currently blowing Baked Alaska - cancer in human form.

She also repeatedly says over social media that she’s going to kill herself but never actually does it. A few days go by, she deletes her fake cry for help tweets and videos, then goes back to normal. I can’t even count how many times this idiot has done this. Last week was the most recent fake suicide cry for help. I don’t even think she made it 24 hours before she was back tweeting and making videos.

I’m tired of people watching these e-celeb idiots. They are damaged goods and will say anything to get a click. They are worse than the MSM presstitutes. They aren’t committed to anything but making clickbait or whoring themselves out in front of a camera for strangers.

Here are the videos that @ashtonbirdie deleted last week. I hope they stay up here forever. She is deranged gutter trash and deserves the humiliation.

If anyone has the tweets she deleted last week…dump em.


I dont know who she is, but now I do, thanks to you…

She may be competing for my top favorite

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Who is that? Remain tears…Britbong?


I don’t really care about what she has to say. I’ve watched a good selection of her vids on mute. All she does is mention some basic nerd shit, mixed with comments she saw on pre-shill /pol/ once in a while…and legions of beta males follow her without question.


She’s a good looking broad, she can get by life just fine, who cares.


Ashton “look I got boobs” Birdie

Someone tell her not to kill herself and start camming. Anybody got feet pics?

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She is a pathological liar that does stunts like this biweekly, has larped as suicidal a bunch of times, has unironically been pumped and dumped by the alt-lite YouTube brigade, and is diagnosed autistic.

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What’s the point of having big boobs if you don’t flaunt them?

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rage after storm



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How do I get to become one of these e-celebrities? It can’t be too difficult if losers like this can do it.

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I haven’t followed these idiots since 2016. I thought Ashton was a receptacle for PJW? So…Cucked Alaska is slurping up PJW’s sloppy seconds? I thought PJW was gay. I don’t understand anything any more.

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Easy - find some edgy far-right stuff to say. Wear a low-cut top. If you have small boobs don’t wear a bra with that low cut top (because that’s considered within YouTube community standards now). Self-promote your videos on the chans and WN twitter.

Before you do that though…remember you can’t monetize and will forever be branded a whore once the novelty of seeing your videos wears off. If you are serious about being a trad start making babies.


She’s the property of Cucked Alaska now. She’s a very lucky girl.


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