Pervert Joe Biden the worst ALMOST POTUS EVER

Approval rating now in the upper thirty’s in just 9 short months is spiraling out of Control, The Impeachment trial is near so Biden sends Drunk Nancy Pelosi to Texas,were Republicans and even some Democrats have accused the Biden administration of poor planning regarding the pullout of U.S. troops from Afghanistan/Treason actions to demand FREE HEALTHCARE for the Afghan refugees that have not been vetted and have 30 % Covid after a two-decade presence. As U.S. troop numbers dropped, Taliban fighters gained control of large portions of the country, culminating in the fall of Kabul to the Taliban on Aug. 15. The parade of the Taliban in the streets of Kabal with fake caskets of the US service people that were murdered by the Taliban .=, Uniforms of US soldiers worn by the Taliban with rifles left by Americans with Night vision glasses alongside the Black-hawk Helicopter . America its time to send the Democrat’s back to Russia were the failed Impeachment of POTUS Trump started, Whats next Legs spread wide open Kamala Harris starts a VD epidemic in Washington DC?