Pervert Joe Biden and Democrates lose in 2022 and 2024

Here is why Joe Biden is having a very bad summer.

His poll numbers have slipped to their lowest point of his presidency, and much of it has to do with Covid 19 , The economy , Afghanistan and charges now being made by 20 women that they were sexual abused by Pervert Joe Biden in the last 5 years. Thier are many accusations that need to be investigated about Afghanistan , Hunter Biden’s role in this , the $500,000 paints he says he painted, the drugs seized by Capitol Police in the white house and Hookers being caught on cameras in Jill Bidens bed and Hunter Bidens room. Joe Biden is so stupid he sleeps on the floor watching them

The frenzied U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan appears to have shaken voters’ faith in his promise to bring competence and a steady hand back to the White House.

Americans across the political spectrum are horrified by images of desperate mobs trying to get to the Kabul airport and flee the country.

Biden insists that an element of chaos was inevitable with any U.S. withdrawal. But after 20 years of war and nation-building, the speed with which Afghanistan fell to the Taliban raises painful questions about whether American soldiers died in vain. Did you vote for Biden?

Face it this administration is a joke !!! :clown_face: :clown_face:

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Welcome To Clown World :clown_face:

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