Perp Spits on Cop, Perp Ends Up Unconscious!

This should send a message that you mess with a police officer there is going to be consequences. So tired of the SJW’s and their BS grievances against law enforcement!

Unfortunately this cop better put out his resume because he will probably be fired and face a civil suit from this PUNK.
If the cop is white and the perp is black, lookout for a Federal Civil Rights trial and lawsuit.
This perp got what he deserved for his assault on the cop.

Unless you have more footage, How can you say that Beadencup? The cop walked up behind him and grabbed him and threw him to the ground. How is he a “perp”, and what did he do to deserve the distinction?

The police officer didn’t walk up behind him and surprise him. It looked like he was in the process of arresting him. If the police officer was spit on during the arrest then that is assault with a deadly weapon. The officer had a right to protect himself and I’m glad that he did.

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Well yes, as he should, based upon the footage, unless there’s something else to it. In this footage, he walked up behind him…

If I was chief, he’d have some explaining to do. There were also a whole lot of witnesses to this I’d love to hear from.

He didn’t walk up behind him! Watch the video It is plain as day. The police officer was already behind him and was in the process of either searching him or arresting him. It’s as plain as day!

Yeah, he was several steps behind him and then walked up to him and grabbed him and body slammed him to the ground. This is America, not North Korea. Care to justify that behavior?

It’s impossible to justify an action that didn’t happen. The video starts with the policeman already standing behind the spitter.

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If you have a different video than what was posted I would really be interested in seeing it. The video that was shared by @Dr_Manhattan in the opening post clearly has the police officer directly behind the individual. There were no multiple steps. The only steps that were taken were when the police officer was positioning his body to throw the perpetrator on the ground.

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No, I don’t, that’s why I asked @beadencup49 if he did.

Then why on multiple posts did you assert that the police officer took multiple steps and ran up behind the perpetrator, when that never actually happened!

Because he did walk up behind him and grab him, unless you can demonstrate some other way that he came to be there. But really, that’s beside the point that he grabbed him from behind as he was standing there posing no threat, and slammed him to the ground.

That’s why there’s an investigation pending. I’d be interested in hearing witness testimony, though that’s not likely.

He was placing the spitter under arrest. They were already at the car when the spitter spit in his face. That is when the policemen through the spitter to the pavement.

You have no video to back up what you say.

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So, let me get this straight: a perp is standing up against the car all by himself (like a self check out at the grocery store only this is a self arrest). The cop walks from whatever distance you determine sounds about right (without any ability to support it) grabs him and throws him to the ground for no reason.

If he spit on him then that is a threat. You don’t know he posed no threat. He could have said he was going to sic his gang on the guy’s family.

The difference between people like you and me? You are going to make excuses for the scum of the earth while I am going to give the benefit of the doubt to the guy who’s been through training. This is his career, how he feeds his family and puts a roof over their heads. I don’t believe a cop would do something like that unless seriously provoked.

It’s a good thing for you that you live in the United States. You wouldn’t do so well elsewhere (well maybe Sweden).


Have you ever seen a police officer arrest someone? Typically they put them up against the vehicle to search them and cuff them.

Yes, that part is typical, what follows certainly is not.

Neither is spitting in an officer’s face.


The man is schizophrenic. There’s a ongoing problem with police abuse of the mentally ill. But that’s due to bad policy that leaves these people on the streets untreated.

I don’t think it’s very polite to spit on someone but is it really appropriate for a police officer to body slam someone onto the concrete over it?

I can’t believe the attitudes of so many conservatives. How would any of you feel if this was one of your family members?

Never mind, I know the answer already. You don’t have any black family members so therefore you don’t care.

Ahh! So there it is! Its now about race?