Permanently Fix SCOTUS Through Legislation

This example just really comes down to winning elections and Democrats can’t cry when it was them who changed the rules. Harry Reid made their bed for them, and isn’t it funny that people like the “shitty pizza guy” can’t acknowledge that point?

It may be a good idea to prevent the recurrences of Ginsburg.

This is all about timing and if you like much.
The placement for Scalia was bad luck for the dems as they didn’t;t control the Senate.
Kennedy’s leaving bad timing for the dems.
Ginsburg took a pass on retiring during Obama’s time and the left is paying the price.

Can this be fixed through legislation?

Perhaps term limits is a good idea as lifetime appointments averaged 15 years today thy can run 30+ years but that also applies to congress. At one time people were elected to office, went to DC did the job went home and worked. Today being an elected official is a profession.

As I said previously I am done with giving Femocrats anything. Putting them all on trains and lighting them on fire works for me.

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I think the lefties are right about the court-packing thing. Increasing the supreme court number from 9 with more Trump appointees makes the Obama judges irrelevant. The more we can neuter Obama’s legacy the better.

I don’t expect this to really happen but the threat of doing it should be kept on the table so it can be later withdrawn as a bargaining chip that costs us nothing.