Pepperoni Pizza For Breakfast - Fuck Yeah!

No idea where to put this so random choice is in Entertainment.

Is there ANYTHING better than having Pepperoni Pizza for breakfast? I just had that with a double Espresso, it was HEAVENLY.


What type of pizza??? A deep pan or thin and crispy or maybe a sloppy Napoleon Oh shit I love pizza

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A Deep Pan Pepperoni, FANTASTIC.

I love pizza as well, I could live on pizza.

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So many different types of pizza I could definitely live of it without getting bored

Not just toppings but completely different styles as well I’ve got to try Chicago style and New Haven style pizza

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Chicago pizza is definately better than New York pizza.

In Riverside there is a pizza place called The New York Pizza Co. they do obviously New York pizzas but they do others as well.

I got my Pepperoni pizza from there, I got it last night before they closed and had it this morning after I finished my shift.

They are a great pizza place.


I should be trying my first authentic Chicago pizza soon I will let you know what I think of it

Growing up we had a New York style pizza place that has not change it recipe since it open 1959 and they do a great pizza

I don’t have a favourite style that’s one of the good things about pizza it’s what your in the mood in having a drink with some mates you want something that’s not to heavy going out for a nice meal you probably want a Neapolitan and it will be in a Italian restaurant doing pastas and steaks so their is something for everyone in your group the only type of pizza I’m never in the mood for is white pizza

Oh and if you have a hangover it has to be DEEP PAN

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I’ve actually nuked a slice and covered it with two eggs over easy.

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Oh shit we got a real old fashioned hero amongst us

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Did you have a stinger martini to wash it down?

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I do love Martini’s but not at 6AM which is when I had the pizza.

My favorite pizza in general is Pepperoni, but I also love pizza with bacon on, bacon, red and yellow peppers, red onions and black olives.


Do you guys have mint choc chip ice cream in the US???

Little crunch in life for breakfast, very thin crust is perfect.

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guys im having trouble shoving the pizza into my mouth but ik i need to eat more


The one I like best is Bryers mint Choc Chip.

Dark Choc Chips, no green food coloring in the Ice Cream, just mint.

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You could try the new Detroit style, horrible with the sauce on the top.