Pentagon finds $12.8 billion for Trump's border wall

I’m not sure if I’m trusting the plan or experiencing the early onset of dementia as an evil boomer president sells his nation to Israel while flooding his land with pajeets

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I really like the use of the words “possible funding” for the border wall (er, fence). It’s to suggest that, there is some money available but it may or may not be used for securing the border - It might be spent on another defense contract with Boeing or Lockheed to build yet another super stealth fighter aircraft so that the US can win aerial dogfights against no one.

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There’s plenty of money laying (lying?) around for all sorts of things. We just need to stop being so clumsy. lol


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Maybe all government agencies could search and/or be auditied to identify money that could be applied towards the wall and our national debt as well. It won’t happen, just like the wall won’t happen, but it’s nice to think about.

It says military construction funds. Do understand what that means?

Trump could end all the national emergencies of Clinton and Bush and Obama and use that money

30,000,000,000,000 (trillion) dollars divided by 330,000,000 (million) American citizens and we’re missing $90,909.09 per man, woman, and child.

There’s a lot of things I could do with 90k of my own money. My children could pay for college with their missing 90k.

It says possible funding…do you understand what that means?

What happened to Mexico paying for it?

Show where Trump said when or how they would pay. They have found unused construction funds

If it ever gets built, Mexico will lose enough revenue (taken from the USA) to pay for it several times over. We will also save enough in what we pay for excess illegal aliens to pay for the wall.

Opposing the barrier between Mexico and the US is favoring the demise of the US.


Seriously? Did you not watch a single rally during the election?

Yeah - I know that. Why do you think I’m so pissed at Trump? I voted for him to build the wall. He failed. It’s never getting built. What does get built won’t be a wall, but a fence. Trump has also done a 180 on immigration. He’s a traitor.

I will take that as you can not show where Trump said when or how Mexico would pay

You mean Congress and especially democrats refuse to work with him on border security and changes to immigration policies

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What a bullshit artist you are. How sad, just admit that Trump lied and that Mexico isn’t building the wall. Sad you are covering for that traitor.

At least Ann woke up.

When you show where he said when and how they would pay for it

So you are saying because Trump didn’t lay out the specifics of how Mexico would pay for the wall…it doesn’t count? :rofl:

You are a jackass and not a serious person.

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No I am saying you are not allowing him time. He still has 6 years

Where did you get that from? By my calculations, President Trump has a guaranteed two years left and a potential four years after that. He had 4 years to get the wall built.

2 + 4=6 what part of that do you not understand?