Pennsylvania Governor vetoes anti-transgender law

Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf vetoes transgender sports bill; GOP pledges to ‘never stop fighting’ for ‘fairness’ | Fox News

The law was very simple. No transgenders to compete in women’s sports.


Let them start a freak sport they can all sashay their nut sacks for the dems to drool over .

Where the fuck are the feminists? They refuse to take the field. And speaking of, the White House just announced new Title IX rules, which would sweep gender identity into the law’s protections and strengthen protections for those who face discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. So who is this meant to protect? Take a guess.
One athlete who just got a medal of Honor says “if it bothers you to lose to a trans woman, then you should skip sports.” And this is spoken like an athlete who’s used to losing to males. After all, her team got shellacked by 15-year-old high school boys.

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