Pelosi says She wants to See Trump in Prison!

According to this bombshell Nancy Pelosi is ramping up the rhetoric against Trump about wanting him in prison! This is where the deep state is aligning their assault on Trump in response to the declassification’s arrival! Make no mistake, the temperature is about to go up exponentially in the next few weeks, and remember where you will be when the fireworks finally go off!

I do not finding it surprising at all. Nancy Pelosi wants to see anyone - but herself - in prison. She very well knows what “Crooked” Hillary did, and Obama as well. But she rather see Trump in prison rather them two crooks. Typical Democrat hick.

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Yeah, one of his chief campaign promises was to lock her up, the chant at every rally, his promise to her face on the debate floor. Then as soon as he won election, before he could even be sworn in, he told a crowd at a rally who began chanting “lock her up” No no, that was just campaign rhetoric, we don’t care about that now…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Just publicly shamed his supporters…

He didn’t say that and you know it! Making up lies again, its what good Communists like you do best!

Both the Clintons could be in prison for any number of crimes since 93, but top tier politicians usually aren’t held accountable in America.

Washington(CNN) Donald Trump said Friday he doesn’t care about prosecuting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, after attendees at his rally chanted “lock her up.”

After the chants started at the President-elect’s post-election “thank you” rally in Michigan, he responded, “That plays great before the election – now we don’t care, right?”

He has no real respect for his base… :roll_eyes:

You really have to pay attention to what the article is driving at! The deep state is intent on removing Trump from office because he is threatening every corrupt construct that is about exporting American wealth from the commoners! From Mexico tariffs to China trade, this is part of their plan to try to destroy him in order to stop him from succeeding! This is a very dangerous preposition if you read closer to what the article I posted you will begin to see the deep states plan to take Trump out!

“Crooked” Hillary should be locked up. But I doubt she ever will be.

Oh please! You are so full of shit all the time here that you can’t resist any opportunity to bash Trump with your stupid diatribes! It’s really childish! Go bother someone else if you have nothing better to offer here than shit coming out your mouth on a daily basis!

Agreed, but as I demonstrated, it was never Trump’s intention, but it was good campaign rhetoric that helped rally supporters into a frenzy. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Trump made it known when Hillary was still Secretary of State and the Email scandal and Benghazi. She very well knew what happened during that incident at the Embassy in Benghazi on 9/11/2012. But she acted very well ignorant as well, as arrogant during her hearing.

Then why is there an active investigation into the Clinton Foundation if it was never Trumps intention? Seems to me you are woefully misinformed or it’s more about you trying to paint a false picture that hasn’t materialised yet which would be Par for the course for you and your narratives!

The classic was Ron Johnson from Ohio slinking back into his chair when questioning her at the famous hearing when she stated “what difference does it make?” Much like Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi report, all hat and no cattle BS! It was the swamp protecting their own, so they put on a dog and pony show!

Yes, I know @Dr_Manhattan.

I’ve already quoted Trump telling rally goers post election to stop chanting “lock her up”! He pointed out that it made for good campaign rhetoric, but that he didn’t care about that anymore. :man_shrugging:

Yes, you keep saying that. But you are truly missing the point. Obviously, you just say what you “feel” need to be said. Try doing some serious research please!

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What would you like I research? You seem disgruntled that Clinton should be in prison and isn’t. I share your disappointment in that. I’m sure you relished in the thought of trump locking her up as he promised repeatedly during the campaign. But like the others here, you didn’t know that trump had no intention of locking her up because FOX didn’t cover the part of his rally where he told his supporters that it was mere campaign rhetoric and he didn’t care about it anymore. :man_shrugging:

She wants him to visit her in prison?

How sweet!

Hopefully he’ll get the chance.

You can find your answer here and elsewhere.

Dude, I know why, I’ve wanted her locked up for a very long time. The problem is, Trump doesn’t. He just manipulated support for himself during his presidential campaign by rhetorically promising it…

LOL, now that is funny.

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