Pelosi gifts George Floyd's brother folded American flag reserved only for fallen veterans

They will probably just make a monument to him. Instead of the eternal flame, they will just have a bronze sculpture of Minneapolis eternally burning.

Ask the family of a dead vet.

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A veteran of CRIME !!!

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In 2009, George Floyd was arrested for a 1st-degree felony charge, as per police criminal records/history/past, of assault and armed robbery he took part in 2007 and spent five years in prison for breaking into a lady’s house with the intent to rob her. George agreed that he wore a blue uniform to look like a government employee to gain the lady’s trust, and eventually pave his way into the house.
The police followed the lead and successfully tracked down the car. Floyd was found behind the wheels. Later, his identity was cross-verified with the women who reported that a tall suspect had placed a gun to her abdomen and invaded her home forcefully.
George was accused of a firearm robbery in August 1998 for which he served 10 months at Harris County Jail. In April 2002, Floyd was condemned to 30 days of prison for trespassing private property.
Yeah Monty he was a VETERAN of CRIME !!!


wait until they come for you lmfao.


No, the foul isn’t on the dead vets or their surviving families. Old men start fights and send the young men to prosecute them and die. There’s no valor in the bullshit, but I don’t hold the 20 year old vets responsible for it. Just don’t honor it either. Encased folded flags are presented to families in memory of many different people for different reasons, not just vets, and it violates no law…

Wait until who comes for me???

Never having served, I wouldn’t expect you to know the meaning of valor.


LMAO! Very funny comparison!

That doesn’t make it the right thing to do. It sends the wrong message to this country.


I was in the army. It was during the Carter administration, so no combat. My father is a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge, my son is a veteran of the Iraq war…

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That’s subjective that it sends the wrong message huh.

The fucking Salvation Army . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Mouse in your pocket moroon???

And racist leftists like yourself pretend to care sooo much when the reality is it’s all about you.


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone whose stopped by. In case I missed anyones comment etc or there’s just too many lol.

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It’s never been established as a fact, anywhere, that the white cop who appears to have killed George Floyd was a “racist” who killed him because he was black.

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Like said - play with fire, expect to get burnt. In other words it’s far easier and takes less effort to stay on the straight and narrow than to be a career criminal? After all, he could have been sitting at home watching the tv after a hard day’s work? I wonder how you’d feel if it had been your house he and his friends burgeoned their way into - especially if it had gone wrong, and you or family members had been hurt?

‘Mr. Floyd’ :roll_eyes: From what I’ve heard he would have beat you up for your mobile phone. How would you feel about that?

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No, he wasn’t murdered.

The worthless thug died of a self-induced DRUG OVERDOSE!

Nancy Pelosi is full of shit! Nancy Pelosi is a disgraceful, professional politician doing nothing more here than pandering to the blacks for future votes and promoting the divide between blacks and the police…all the while living in a gated community with armed guards and stuffing her white family’s asses with ice cream stored in a $24,000 cooler.