Pelosi and the WRAP UP SMEAR

This is how the Democrat Party changes fiction into perceived truth.

Right out of Pelosi’s mouth and straight from Alinsky’s "Rules for Radicals"Seeing and hearing is believing. This is a tape of Nancy Pelosi speaking to a training class of Democrats , explaining the Democrat playbook – just what they have done to Trump, Kavanagh and others. You can’t make this up. It only takes a minute, so listen to this before someone takes it down



Wow. What EVIL people.

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Deep breath! Deep breath! Deep breath! Deep breath! Deep breath! Deep breath! Deep breath!


It’s quite useful when they explain exactly how they operate politically. We all know it when we see it but it is helpful to have the steps laid out in such a matter of fact way. Despite her political sophistication she still gets trolled hard by Trump.

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Here is a YouTube link to the same video.

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People should save the mp4 version in case YouTube drops the video.

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Just imagine how much worse it must be behind closed doors if it’s this bad standing at a podium They’re laughing at us.