Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Found Nearly Unconscious

Apparently life isn’t worth living if you can’t screw under age girls and you don’t want to spend your life as a human cock holster in jail.

We know it wasn’t a professional job cause he isn’t dead. Maybe the Clintons hired cheap foreign labor. lol


All of the frighteningly influential people who are implicated in these crimes realize that when Epstein dies, the threat will simply go away. That’s how power takes care of it’s own.


This is weird. He was found in his cell on TUESDAY. Today is THURSDAY. Why did it take two days for this news to break? Sounds like a failed arkancide attempt to me.


With the wide swath of accusations, married with the notion “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” I will be absolutely shocked if Mr. Epstein does not suffer an untimely demise before he utters a single word under oath in a courtroom.


Hopefully he gets to testify before the Clintons take him out.


I feel like this is a ruse to get him to a hospital…where he’ll then be whisked away to “safe haven for pedos” Israel.

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They need to lock him away in a rubber room that no one can get access to. He needs to testify. The globalist sickos need to get taken down.

its too bad the pedophile was found dead, there is something wrong with pedophiles sharing the same air as us

I hope the pedophile names other pedos

So it seems that 32 “suspected” pedophiles have gamed the system using “right of return”.

32 out of 6.5 million.

How many convicted child sex offenders have succesfully gamed the system? I can’t read your subscriber only links.

Epstien knows he’s probably spend the rest of his life behind bars one way or another.

The higher you rise the longer and more painful the fall to the bottom and I doubt he’s got the guts to face the future any other way.

No Clinton Conspiracy necessary.

Before he can name one of powerful pedophiles, he will die of some " mysterious disease he didn’t have before or commit " suicide, because of severe depression and guilt "
It would nice to have the SICKOS names publicized whether male or female and see the reaction of the Liberal media.