Pearl Harbor Day

When I was a youngster, Pearl Harbor Day was a very serious day. Practically everything came to a stand still and a siren would sound indicating the time when the attack began.

Today many of our young are clueless as to the significance of the day.

Oh! That’s today! God rest our boys that died that day in 1941.

That’s that commie indoctrination working.

The product or our failed ruction system where it’s far more important to teach Gay/trans rights than history and government.

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I think of what the young people of that generation faced. First living through the depression then serving in WWII.

God bless their souls who gave so much to America.

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The attack on Pearl Harbor was a tragic event. It should never haven a naval base with the shallow water. On Feb 7 1932 Adm Yarnell used aircraft carriers to attack Pearl Harbor in a war game. He out thought the opponents who thought he would use battleships. By using carriers, he proved their superiority in naval warfare.
The umpires kept changing the rules until the" proper result " was reached .
Pror to Dec 7, US dependents were being evacuated from Japan and the waters north of Oahu declared a" vacant area" giving Yamamotos ships clear sailing. They didn’t see one merchant ship and there weren’t US air patrols.

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Yep. It was known in 1932 that Pearl Harbor was not a suitable port for the pacific fleet. In 1941 when FDR ordered admiral Richardson to move it from San Diego to PH, aware of the 1932 exercise, he flew to DC to personally confront FDR over it and was fired…

After years of provocations to Japan without them taking the bait, FDR was desperate to provide them bait they could not resist. What was strategically kept out of PH was the navies aircraft carriers as they couldn’t be replaced easily and quickly. Older ships were sacrificed for the attack…

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The shallow water was ideal as torpedoes were to heavy and went to the bottom ad exploded harmlessly. The Japanese found a solution by attaching wood to the torpedo for bouyancy preventing them from sinking. The rest is history.

Correct and FDR maneuvered Japan into firing the first shot. What a way to bring employment up. His administration and the press was racist against Japan , considering them inferior claimed that the way their eyes are, they would be inferior pilots compared to US pilots.


If you fail to learn from history, you are condemned to repeat it.

FDR wanted PH.
Bush wanted 911.

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