Peace is the Prize!

A historic peace agreement between Kosovo and Serbia had been reached and all of MSM failed to even mention it. Ambassador Grennell lambasted the White House press core and told him them straight that no one is paying attention to them anymore! This was pretty amazing to watch and hope more people start speaking up to rebuke MSM and their BS narratives. Kudos to Grennell for having the moxy to call them out.

Video is Time stamped

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Here… because fuck YouTube.

Youtube is slow to load here because they are updating the servers for this site. Patriot announced this a few hours ago just so you know. Anyway thanks for this alternative version.

We shouldn’t be giving them the traffic anyway.

What do you use as an alternative so I can start looking to change myself?

Just do an iframe embed from bitchute.

I never used bichute but I will definitely give it a try. Thanks.

We will be going through rate limit bans from YouTube for the next 2-3 days because all content is getting re-pulled. Uploading an hour video is not ideal. You can easily download and upload content to a variety of other video hosting platforms to display video as a workaround - iframes from bitchute and mega are fine.

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I just downloaded the video and uploaded to Mega - literally took me 10 seconds. Here. Changed your upload to a stream.

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OK I will keep that in mind. This is just temporary or the new normal?

Should be temporary but it will take a while. YouTube has a new policy of rate limiting embeds of their videos on other sites. They want you watching on their platform for the ad revenue. If this doesn’t work, I will have to lift and shift the entire server to a new IP range that isn’t rate limit banned - which is getting more and more difficult.

People need to start using other platforms…self-hosting and sharing on Mega is also easy. It just ads an extra step. Upside is the videos can’t get memoryholed.

Ok, I will try to start using bitchute for now. I guess I got a little too comfortable with Youtube and probably a good idea to start using other sources. What about Vimeo?

Vimeo is badass if you can afford it.

I have an account with them, they are one of my clients.

Agreed. Vimeo is a superior platform. Just make sure you don’t break copyright. Mega is good for making throw away accounts and uploading videos anonymously. Instead of a url you just need to paste the embed code. Same for Bitchute.

Here’s what I think of YouTube…

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I am going to test drive Bitchute right now.

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They are officially signing this deal next week. I hope there isn’t another Anwar Sedat moment. This is truly remarkable time.

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This is a great write up by Grennell

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