Paris: From the city of lights.... to the city of trash?

90% of Parisians voted for Macron. They voted for more of this. They want there once great city being turned into absolute shit.

On the upside, when almost every place is turning to shit, there is no need to travel anymore.



I bet the areas of Paris wear the elites live don’t look anything like this. They never have to worry about the problems that they create for everyone else.

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Yes - it’s true that the French elected the people who did this to their country, but that just means we have to work harder to call these people put because it isn’t just Paris they are destroying, it’s the shared history and culture of America! America has deep ancestral ties to all of Europe! We have to do what we can to protect it!

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And if the shit hits the fan because of their incompetence or stupidity, they simply pack their bags and de-camp to warmer climes to spend the rest of their lives with our (sic) money? You really couldn’t make it up.