Parents not allowed to opt children out of LGBTQ content, emails show

They only wanted to get married and be left alone, guys.

  • A California school district will not allow parents to opt their children out of classes involving LGBTQ content.
  • A representative of the district said in an email this is because LGBTQ content is “fused throughout the entirety of the curriculum.”
  • Murrieta School District previously came under fire for a video depicting an ACLU staff member instructing teachers how to help students obtain abortions without parental consent.

Just tell them you’re a muslim, it works in the UK.

The parents are the boss.The school district works for them as employees because the parents pay the taxes that pay the salaries.
This is nothing more than the state through the schools establishing Educational Totalitarianism to indoctrinate students.

These transsexuals and their willing allies need to be locked away.

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Pull your kids from those schools now! This need to be the litmus test to prove who are and are not good parents. If they don’t yank their kids from the schools and sign them up for a private school that doesn’t teach this bile, then they’re bad parents. That’s the simple solution. The preferred solution is to up and leave California. It’s the harsh reality of the situation.

They need to move out of the school district and opt out of paying the salaries of these LGBT propagandists.

Whats next mandatory LBGQT " roleplaying " in class!!!

A lot of people can’t afford to do that.

I was listing to a radio host yesterday about a guy elected school superintendent who sends his kids to private school.

The point was made that the private schools are teaching skills like entrepreneurship and curriculum that prepares them for Ivy league. While the public schools are teaching sex ed and nothing that prepares the kids (generally) for life in the real world.

IMO, the people need to take back their schools and vote out anyone they can who supports such nonsense.

Was the school superintendent doing anything to fix the mess or is he just collecting his salary with his feet up on the gravy train?

I’ve always said, find out where the teachers and administrators send their children to school.

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If I remember correctly, he was being called out on the show for his hypocrisy.

Not anymore. Now the state owns your kids and if you don’t like it they’ll take them away and prove it.

Unfortunately private schools and home schooling just aren’t affordable options for most families.

They need to get control of their school districts and the state curriculum boards back.

As government takes more and more from folks for all its services they will have less and less to live on their own without government help.

That’s an original design feature when we’re talking 20th Century progressivism.

That would be the ultimate goal of the democratic party

Homeschool, private school, move…

Stay where you are and take control of your local, district, and state school boards and curriculum committees.

Imagine there’s no progressives
It’s easy if you try
No safety net below us
Above us only God
Imagine all the people keeping what they earn

Imagine governance by the Constitution
It isn’t hard to do
The power to govern close to home
Where you can even stop what they do
Imagine all the people having money that’s real

You may say I’m a regressive
But your progress will leave us undone
I simply will never join you
Or support a world under your elites’ thumbs

Imagine there’s no genderism
No confusion for which can
No men in the girls restrooms
Women’s sports not for men
Imagine not wandering if she is what she says

You may say I’m a regressive
But your progress will leave us undone
I simply will never join you
Or support a world under your elites’ thumbs