Panic at DC Gay Pride Parade 😂

Of course you do. Seems his supporters are always missing or ignoring the ignorant things he says.

YES, of course he was wrong. He’s exceedingly ignorant where the constitution is concerned.

He was speaking of mentally ill people…and I agree with taking guns from them until they are proven to not be dangerous.

I didn’t ignore anything, I simply haven’t seen that. . . and yes, he was wrong. That said, I’m very clear on Trump. I support most of his policies and as with any human being, he’s wrong on occasion.

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Fair enough. Due process must always be followed.

It was supposed to be funny, but I guess the thumbnail was misleading

So are you! As far as the constitution is concerned!

It’s funny how certain posters here conflate the issue of Guns and the mentally ill then twist it around as being something Trump said as being the issue! When that happens any meaningful discussion at arriving at solutions is negated with partisanship and hyperbole!i Liberals then decry of conservatives being uncivil when their double standards and purposely obtuseness is called out! I Guess it’s the age we live in that such discourse has devolved into the nonsense we see and read on a daily basis!

It’s not normal. But I don’t believe that anyone requires you to declare it so.

Words he immediately choked on and and retracted.

Funny you choose to leave the key details out.

Kinda odd since it’s those who are marginalized, weak, badly outnumbered etc who benefit most from being able to buy and carry firearms.

Do you think strong background checks is a good idea? Trump supports that.

Trump has made no proposals to require UBC’s.

I don’t know who “they” are in this context, but strengthening back ground checks, banning bump stocks and suppressors, raising age limits for individuals buying “assault weapons” , all things that Trump supports, is not “going after guns”. :man_shrugging:

BTW, an AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle.

Really I doubt that your life has been harmed at all. Probably just your psychy.

Yeah, someone does, because unless we do they will perish eternally without so much as a whimper of resistance to the broad way that leads to destruction that they trod.

And, while we’re at it, that many definitely do seek normalization of perverted acts and all that must ultimately go with it then active resistance and opposition to that agenda also affects the destinies of coming generations too.

Frankly, that’s one good reason why homosexual acts should have always remained illegal for at a minimum it helped to keep the evil they and their champions advance a bit at bay.

It’s natural, but it’s not normal, as being “straight” always has and likely always will be normal at 90% or perhaps greater. Only nut job Muslims and Christians want it outlawed.

Actually, it’s the nutjobs that legalized it.

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