Pamela Anderson Shuts Down Bootlicking Lanwhale Meghan McCain Over Assange and Wikileaks

This was actually quite impressive. Pam Anderson was getting attacked on all sides by the menopausal sideshow clowns on the View when Meghan “Hamplanet” McCain decided to go into full globalist bootlicker mode and proceeded to get shutdown by the assertive, intelligent, pure alpha Pam Anderson.


I don’t care for her politics but she didn’t back down when getting attacked and then proceeded to shut each of her attackers down - you could tell they were seething. This is how it should be.

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The salt is still flowing hard from these leftists over the Clinton/Podesta emails. :rofl:

Her answer was perfect.

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This got a lot of attention a month ago. Old news.

Even so, it’s news to me. I didn’t see or hear anything about it because I don’t use Twitter or Facebook anymore which seems to be where a lot of the attention came from.

I have mixed feelings about Assange but I don’t think what he does should be considered illegal. Governments are supposed to be transparent. People were angry about the Snowden leaks, I was one of them, but the government has no right to spy on citizens without a warrant.

Who cares? If there was no thread on it here then it’s fair game.