Pakistan train fire: Karachi to Rawalpindi service blaze kills dozens

Jesus WHAT a way to go?

“Another survivor said . . . they pulled the emergency chain to get the train to stop, but it did not slow down.”

If the emergency chain had been compromised by the fierce heat, the driver wouldn’t have known that the train behind him was an inferno. And all of that just to ‘go to some religious festival’? :roll_eyes:

Oh - something bad happened somewhere. We better go ahead and let 1M Pakistanis into the US now and put them on welfare immediately. We will also need to let in all of their relatives, including distant cousins, and put all of them on welfare too.


Maybe they shouldn’t have been literally cooking with gas on an overcrowded train.

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I agree this is a terrible way to go but why were they doing something so stupid in the first place?

Apparently they were on their way to some religious festival or other, so that says it all about their level of intelligence?

I heard some idiots did that on a plane in Saudi Arabia years ago.
Sure enough, fire spread and the plane crashed.

These people still live in the middle ages and modern technology, modern thinking hasn’t taken hold in some countries. (Bottom line: Don’t force the modern concepts of freedom, gender equality, separation of church and state, etc., etc., etc., on them)

It’s true - ethnics don’t think like us. Why, they even believe in deities and other imagined supreme beings, and witchdoctors, and mindless rituals . . . oh but so do we, don’t we! At least some of us do. :roll_eyes: