Overpaid Moron LeBron James Screams and Walks Off Court During National Anthem

And what are you really arguing Monte? Desperate for getting attention again? As always you miss the point that Jim is making and your suck ass cuckery to promote your fake virtue signaling has no merit in this argument!

What he said and did has nothing to do with Trump…:man_shrugging:

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What he said and did has nothing to do with Trump



‘Unacceptable’: Fans, Media Slam LeBron James’ Outburst During National Anthem


This is great! “How did you become such a pussy?” Shouts some heckler! Good stuff!

If you haven’t see this one, this is also pretty good.

So is the expectation that every American stand there like obedient robots and not protest things they don’t believe in?

Gee , SMH . How many times can one turd be wrong ???

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That’s true for me. I don’t watch the Negro Basketball Association and I don’t watch the Negro Felon League.

I prefer hockey. They still respect the anthem and most of them are immigrants.

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Right, I knew that, and you’re not alone, if alone in willingness to admit it.

Well no of course not. Do you think if the same people were disrupting things protesting issues that are dear to the red hatter that they’d criticize them. Had Kaperneck taken the knee in solidarity with Trump over say, his coveted Muslim ban, that the race baiters would have protested it…:wink:

Same, but still enjoy baseball where a good mixture of players from all races participate and are not overtly SJW’s!

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Does anyone really believe Communist China is concerned that Lebron James critics are racists???Well maybe only Monte or Digipoo.
This Egotistical Negros on court actions during the National Anthem is worse than any NFL Players protest.
Unfortunately our press will either not report criticism of him or also label them as racist .

Of course not! It was a orchestrated propaganda ploy by the CHICOMS to exploit a narrative along the lines of identity politics. This after LeBron’s jersey was being burnt on the streets of Hong Kong! They put out such false accusations because they want to appear as the moral arbiters in a war they are losing! They’ve infiltrated our institutions through business acquisitions, education, reverse mergers and subverting and violating our constitutional rights by way of corporate proxy! This won’t be good for their bottom ledger, everything has a price.

You shouldn’t be surprised by this optic, especially when the same media is always adverse to whites by propagating such narratives of white privilege. This started with Obozo!

We’ve become a bread and circus society.

Your contribution is taken for granted.

Lebron James gives black assholes a bad name!

The professional sports industry demands a lot of money because of overpaid players and coaches. It costs a family of four sometimes a thousand dollars to attend one game.