Over 2,000 preserved fetal remains found at ex-abortion doctor's home

Pure evil

More than 2,000 medically preserved fetal remains have been found at the Illinois home of a former Indiana abortion clinic doctor who died last week, authorities said.

The Will County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release late Friday that an attorney for Dr. Ulrich Klopfer’s family contacted the coroner’s office Thursday about possible fetal remains being found at the home in an unincorporated part of Will County in northeastern Illinois.

The sheriff’s office said authorities found 2,246 preserved fetal remains but there’s no evidence medical procedures were performed at the home.

The coroner’s office took possession of the remains. An investigation is underway.

A message left Saturday seeking additional comment on the discovery was not returned by the Will County Sheriff’s Office investigations department.

Klopfer, who died Sept. 3, was a longtime doctor at an abortion clinic in South Bend, Indiana. It closed after the state revoked the clinic’s license in 2015. The Indiana State Department of Health had previously issued complaints against the clinic, accusing it of lacking a registry of patients, policies regarding medical abortion, and a governing body to determine policies.

The state agency also accused the clinic of failing to document that patients get state-mandated education at least 18 hours before an abortion.

Klopfer was believed to be Indiana’s most prolific abortion doctor, with thousands of procedures performed in multiple Indiana counties over several decades, the South Bend Tribune reported.

Mike Fichter, the president of Indiana Right to Life, said in a statement sent Friday night that “we are horrified” by the discovery of the fetal remains at Klopfer’s Illinois residence. He called for Indiana authorities to help determine whether those remains have any connection to abortion operations in Indiana.

“These sickening reports underscore why the abortion industry must be held to the highest scrutiny,” Fichter said in the statement.

A message left Saturday by The Associated Press for a spokesman for Gov. Eric Holcomb asking if Indiana officials would investigate was not immediately returned.

Klopfer’s license was suspended by Indiana’s Medical Licensing Board in November 2016 after the panel found a number of violations, including a failure to ensure that qualified staff was present when patients received or recovered from medications given before and during abortion procedures.

Klopfer was no longer practicing by that time, but he told the panel he had never lost a patient in 43 years of doing abortions and that he hoped to eventually re-open his clinics.

In June 2014, Klopfer was charged in St. Joseph County, Indiana, with a misdemeanor for failure to file a timely public report. He was accused of waiting months to report an abortion he provided to a 13-year-old girl in South Bend. That charge was later dropped after Klopfer completed a pre-trial diversion program.

Republican U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Indiana, called the discovery of the fetal remains “sickening beyond words” in a statement released by her office.

“He was responsible for thousands of abortions in Indiana, and his careless treatment of human remains is an outrage,” she said in her statement.

In May, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld an Indiana law requiring the burial or cremation of fetal remains following abortions in the state. That law was signed by Vice President Mike Pence in 2016 when he was Indiana’s governor, but it was the subject of legal challenges.

The Indiana State Department of Health, which oversees abortion clinic regulation, has integrated that law’s provisions into the agency’s existing licensing process.

Prior to the ruling, Indiana clinics could turn over fetal remains to processors who handle the disposal of human tissues or other medical material by incineration.

Number of fetuses in the basement could have been even higher had the clinic stayed open.

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Why are people making such a big deal of this? I don’t agree with him keeping medical waste at his home because it should have been properly disposed of but That’s about the extent of his wrongdoing. He gave so many women a choice when they didn’t have one.

You really do have to be sick, a person without a conscience, to perform an abortion for any other reason than it being legitimately medically necessary.


That’s not what the Supreme Court said. It’s the law of the land and if you don’t like it you can leave.

All pregnant women made a choice before they got pregnant. Just like pulling the trigger of a gun, you can make the choice to pull the trigger, you can’t change your mind after that.

I’m sure rape survivors will appreciate your perspective.

There was a prohibition on alcohol at one point too. Just because something has been a certain way for a while doesn’t mean it will be like that forever.

That is a strawman fallacy argument and you know it. What are you implying? That I do not care about rape victims? How dare you!


The Supreme Court upheld Jim Crow laws at one time too. Don’t you care about dark-skinned people?

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@here2bqueer is okay with these. 2254 instances of these, to be precise

There is an investigation on the way to find the motive. Either this is one sick individual, or there is a black market of aborted body part and hes a distributor.

Perhaps a yearly inspection/search of ALL abortionists homes and offices would expose a few more of these demons.


No grieving mom who has miscarried says “I’ve lost my fetal medical waste” you sick fuck.


A fetus is not part of a woman’s body, it grows inside of women.

It is a separate being. If it were otherwise, it would never grow into a baby and would remain part of the woman’s body.

Therefore, fuck abortion.


A new term, a baby, now fetus has been relegated to medical waste.


91K rapes in the US in 2015, not all resulting in pregnancy. The national rape-related pregnancy rate is 5.0% per rape among victims of reproductive age (aged 12 to 45); among adult women

638K abortions in 2015 all resulting in no more pregnancy.

What it proves is your comment is crap.

Did you know they now have the morning after pill available at the pharmacy without a prescription??

Black market would indicate trade and reduced inventory.

It looks like he hoarded these. Extremely disturbing and how did nobody rat him out.


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Not a fan of proactive searches like that.

But you’re right about the evil that’s out there. When Kermit Gosnell got nabbed (and he had buckets of babies and parts all over his office too), pro-aborts tried to handwave his example as an aberration in the abortion industry. Yet here we are with another – and it was found only after the guy died and someone was taking inventory of his estate.

Abortion is an evil business. Evil is sure to take root among at least some of its practitioners.

Folks ought to do whatever they can to see the movie “Unplanned”.

There are better ways to prevent pregnancy today. Abortions for than medical reasons for the mother or fetus ,incest or rape aren’t needed.They shouldn’t given like aspirin for a cold.
A woman does have control of her body, but other than artificial insemination a man should be included in the decision. It still takes two to get pregnant.