Over $1 Billion Worth Of Cocaine Seized At Philadelphia Port

This just in, and it is believed that the estimated value of this seizure (1 Billion) will go up as authorities believe there is still more to find on the ship as they continue searching it. It is now called the biggest drug bust in US history!

Just think if how many ships actually make it through undetected.

That I am not sure about that, and it would be interesting to me to learn the method used in order to discover this find. I suspect we might not know, but I wonder what technological tools were used.

Imagine the damage to the economy as they cocaine cannot be marketed.

The loss for JP Morgan here amounts to a rounding error.

Glad they got it off the street. Maybe Trump can auction off the legal cargo and ship and use the funds for border security?

I seriously doubt that would happen! The bigger question I have is who was driving the ship? I am assuming it was under contract?

Some heads are going to roll over this (heh, probably literally).

Meh. Too bad, too sad for them. :rofl:

Eh? Who “drives” a ship? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::yum::joy:

Captains a ship? You know what I mean!:joy:

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I know… but the image in my head made me ROFL…:joy:

“Hey, captain, take her up to 4th gear!”


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Doesn’t really matter unless they can show the captain had knowledge of the smuggling.

They can most certainly seize the ship under the asset forfeiture clause including all of the cargo.