Outrage Over Cucked Sweden's 'Absurd' Plan to Delete Ancient History From School Curriculum

There’s some disgusting crap on that picture you posted, which you didn’t warn about. Do you have another a bit less pornographic?

Italy; and believe me, they do not do as the Romans do. 3,000 years ago, Romans loved to bathe. Time marches on & cultural enrichment enters Italy.

VIDEO=> Migrant Washes Anus at Public Fountain in Italy …

Actually… having taught for fifteen years I can tell you - there are pitifully few conservatives in education. The vast majority are women, and the vast majority (>90%) are very liberal. This goes along with a profession where merit is ignored, sloth, and propagandizing is protected, and seniority is everything.
At universities 90% of college professors (outside of STEM) are self described liberals or progressives.
As you say - Come on, dude.

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Yeah, you come on too. I guess you never joined the Conservative Teachers of America or didn’t realize who’s running the department of education…:roll_eyes:

I think that’s probably untrue.

I know for sure it’s a fact. A simple Google search is a powerful thing.


Here is a picture of the Minister of Culture of Sweden who ordered the destruction. She doesn’t look very Swedish, does she?

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Crikey. My apologies.

They need Tony Robinson (Tony not Tommy).

Pretty much the same happened in UK until Time Team took off.

Nothing like government control of education.

When you think about it, estrogen is one of the greatest threats to mankind. Well and womankind too, of course!

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‘cultural enrichment’? :rofl::joy:

The truth is that they provocatively refuse to integrate; they expect us to integrate with them. We’re sleepwalking into a nightmare for no other reason than liberal dogma; the liberals make us feel guilty, and call us ‘racists’ for not integrating with them.

Lol, ok well we can always use a little humor around here. :rofl:

Nothing destroys cultural heritage as much as conflict. US wars just in the ME in the last two decades are responsible for much. The Bush administrations failure to secure the valuable antiquities in Iraq resulted in a loss, much of which will never be recovered. A Mayan pyramid was destroyed to build a road and there’s so many other examples of cultural ruin.

■■■■ are behind the sorry state of what’s happening in Sweden.
She says it herself.

Great, the government now indoctrinating students to Muslim History. I guess the students will br forced to dress like Muslims and the school will provide Muslim diet foods only and busses replaced by camels. All holidays will be Muslim holidays with specific teachings from the Queeran.

Why the hell would ■■■■ want to convert a Scandinavian country in the northern hemisphere into an Islamic country?

I’m afraid Sweden is in the middle of a national nervous breakdown from which it will never recover.

In order to destroy it.

“Kill the best of non-■■■■■■
The Talmud