Out With the Old and Out With the New

Exactly. Deep State secretary Blinken saying “(destruction of Nord Stream) is a tremendous opportunity” is not a coincidence.

Nuke war and destruction of the world as we know it is their wet dream come true. Ask Hillary what her dreams are. LOL

I seriously doubt anyone’s dream is a nuke war and destruction of the world…lol. I mean, who wins and what’s the point if the world is destroyed?

That’s why “they” built massive underground bunkers with air filters, water, and food (even agricultural facilities) in which they intend to hold out until the surface radiation subsides, no matter how many generations it may take. They are total psychopaths.

They hate God so much that they are “hell” bent on destroying His creation.

Know your enemy. Without this knowledge, you ain’t going nowhere.

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Is A.O.C. a dyed in the wool lesbian or am I missing something? That of course would be a reason for her Liberal popularity with progressive creeps… but I digress…
I have heard nothing about this person standing for reelection, so I assume that her time for defeat is not yet come.
But we can hope…

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I don’t know. She is engaged to Riley Roberts.