Oswald Mosley's Government of Tomorrow: The Problem of Power (Audiobook)

First published in July 1955 this booklet deals with, and is sub-titled The Problem of Power.

The question Mosley poses is: Can we combine the ability to act rapidly, which the people require from their government in a period of change and crisis, with the individual liberty which the people rightly desire in their private lives?

He examines the legitimate uses of power and goes on to outline a new system of government which he claims will solve the dilemma and reconcile action with liberty. He deals with the Press, The Crown, Trade Unions, Finance and the Judiciary in regard to their functions in a future suited to the modern age.


This should be required listening for all our countrymen. It wouldn’t hurt the yanks to take a listen either.

If I get a chance I will check this out tomorrow.

I’ve always found Mosley to be a little dense when reading. I do agree though that his concepts are relevant both in the UK and in the US currently.

Normies can’t jump straight into Mosely. They need to be spoonfed like the incompetent and mindless sheep that they are.

Do you know the difference between the Alchemist Stone and the fire starters of distance? Probably not! You are just as ignorant!

Wasn’t he the leader of the union of fascists??

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