Oregon university faces civil rights complaint for excluding Whites from campus events

Six different BIPOC-only, no whites allowed programs, social events, forums and graduation ceremonies for faculty, staff and students’

A federal civil rights complaint has been filed against Pacific University Oregon over several events that appear to segregate participants by race and exclude white people.

The complaint was filed Jan. 25 and cites six separate examples of the alleged discriminatory practices, primarily events held exclusively for students and faculty of color.

“The university’s multiple cases of illegal race-based discrimination suggests that they are either unacceptably unaware that this type of racial discrimination is illegal or they are instead inexcusably unconcerned about unlawfully violating the civil rights of certain groups of students (whites/non-BIPOCs),” Mark Perry, who filed the complaint, said in an email to The College Fix.

Perry is a University of Michigan Flint emeritus economics professor who has filed dozens of similar complaints over the last several years against many universities.

Perry told The Fix his latest complaint against PUO cites “six different BIPOC-only, no whites allowed programs, social events, forums and graduation ceremonies for faculty, staff and students.”

The complaint against Pacific University Oregon alleges the campus events violate Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, which “prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in any program or activity that receives federal funds or other federal financial assistance,” according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Perry’s complaint cites various events, including an informal “get-to-know-you” event, a staff open house, a weekly club meeting, an alumni forum, an exclusive graduation ceremony, and an informal cocktail outing.

He cites a September 2022 “BIPOC Staff & Faculty Hoopla,” stating in his complaint “that as the name indicates and the event website confirms was a BIPOC-only event.”

The complaint also lists an October 2022 BIPOC Mentorship Program open house “that as the name indicates and the event website confirms was a BIPOC-only event.”

Perry also flagged an event hosted every Wednesday during the fall 2022 semester called “BIPOC Let’s Talk: A Confidential Space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to Talk, Find Support and Establish Community.”

“[A]s the program name indicates and the program description confirms operates exclusively for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Color) students while illegally excluding non-BIPOC students and discriminating against them on the basis of their race, color and/or national origin,” the complaint states.

“In the university’s own words from the program website for November 9, 2022…’This program is not intended for white-identified allies,’” it added.

The complaint notes the program is ongoing to this day.

Perry also cited a BIPOC Virtual Alumni Forum as discriminatory, pointing out the invitation stated “Our alumni who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color are invited to virtually join us to connect and discuss the future of Pacific.”

Two additional programs were cited in the complaint, a people-of-color graduation celebration and an off-campus excursion for BIPOC campus community members.

Perry argued that those two events are outside of the 180-day time limit for filing a complaint to the Office for Civil Rights, but he intends to demonstrate a clear pattern of discriminatory behavior by the university.

Perry told The College Fix his complaint was acknowledged by the Seattle-based Office for Civil Rights in late January.

Pacific University Oregon officials did not respond to repeated emails and phone calls from The College Fix seeking comment over the last week.

I fundamentally disagree with this. Excluding someone based on the color of their skin is inherently racist and morally wrong. This kind of discrimination negates progress towards a truly equitable society, turning back the clock on the civil rights movement and sending us down a slippery slope towards systemic racism. Instead, we should be judged by our character and qualifications, rather than simply relying on outdated notions of racial superiority that have been debunked by science. We must reject outmoded prejudices, and actively embrace an inclusive community built on respect and understanding.

Schools that do this bullshit should automatically get stripped of any/all federal and state funding. Students should be prohibited from applying for and receiving federal financial aid. Regional academic accreditation bodies should be forced to revoke accreditation immediately.

Only way this dumb shit gets fixed. Cut off the money.

Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

Tribal (racial/ethnic/religious) identification is, for most people, far stronger than any other, with, perhaps, the exception of sexual orientation.

Countries that are unlucky enough to have two or more tribes present in substantial numbers are always in danger of having a civil war, or at least widespread violence, between/among their tribal groups.

I use the word ‘tribal’ because the primary identification of people is not always based on their genes: in Northern Ireland, in Sri Lanka, in India, and in the former Yugoslavia, it is, notionally, religion that drives people to kill each other in order to make their tribe dominant, although of course there are minor genetic differences as well. And in Africa, where inter-tribal warfare at various levels is endemic, it’s tribe, not race, that counts. This is also true as well for Muslim societies which are divided into Sunni and Shia.)

So the idiotic Leftist slogan ‘Diversity is Strength’ belongs right up there with ‘War is Peace’ from Orwell’s 1984.

I personally completely sympathyze with non-whites in America who want to have their own gatherings where whites are not present. They do not feel that they are part of the American nation. (However, it’s laughable to think that ‘non-white’ is an operational category: are Chinese students welcome at a gathering of Blacks? And when Blacks include Hispanics or Native Americans in their ‘BIPOC’ meetings, this is just a shrewd move to build anti-white political alliances.)

If Blacks were concentrated in one area of the US, where they made up an overwhelming majority, their logical demand would be for secession – just as it would (and perhaps will) be in the American Southwest and California, for Hispanics. (What prevents this from happening now is that ‘secession’ would mean union with Mexico, which no American Hispanic would want at the present time, given Mexico’s backwardness and corruption. This may change as the cartels become ever more dominant in Mexico and its population extensions in the US.)

But Blacks and Native Americans are too dispersed around the US for a ‘geographical’ solution to be feasble at the moment. (And Native Americans are themselves divided into tribal groups, some of which do not like each other – see the Navajo/Hopi conflict in the Southwest.)

However, the rapidly-increasing cultural disintegration of America will eventually have serious political consequences, perhaps helped along by a big military defeat abroad at the hands of the Chinese.

When/if this happens, we may see massive population transfers, ‘voluntary’ and otherwise – such as happened between Greece and Turkey at the end of WWI, or in Yugoslavia in the last decade of the previous century. Among whites this will be based on notional politics: ‘Red’ vs ‘Blue’ America. (In fact, we are seeing a bit of this at the moment, as people escape the ‘Blue’ dominated cities now plummeting towards anarchy.)

So, there are tumultuous times ahead. Patriots – of all colors – need to concentrate into the ‘Red’ states, and take the steps necessary to be able to survive an extended period of serious social breakdown. This means not just being personally ‘prepared’, but being in an organized group which can deal with a period of social/economic chaos.

Patriots should also begin discussing how, in current and soon-to-be situations, we should apply the concept of ‘consent of the governed’. A logical consequence of this idea is the right of peoples to self-determination: to have their own nation-state, where this is feasible.

We should be considering a new re-arrangement of governing structures in North America – uniting ‘Blue’ America and ‘Blue’ Canada, with a correspondining coming-together of the ‘Red’ populations of both countries, plus, if they desire it, new nation-states for North American ethnic minorities.

Of course, there are a hundred practical problems involved: what do we do with entitlement programs, with the national debt. What about defense?

But these can be solved – they were the same problems faced by the former Yugoslav nations, the former Soviet Union, the British Raj. (We already have a joint air-defense system, NORAD, with the Canadians.)

That is kind of happening now as Idaho and Oregon is in talks about changing their borders so it appears. If this goes through and is successful it will be a first, at least in my life time anyway.

The plan calls for Idaho to be expanded to include rural Oregon. So far, 11 counties in Oregon have signed a petition in support of the expansion.

The plan would also need to be approved by Oregon lawmakers and then sent to the federal government, where Congress would decide whether or not to approve the expansion.

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This is what we need to be advocating, wherever ‘Red’ counties in ‘Blue’ states are adjacent to ‘Red’ states. At first, it will sound very radical, and will be rejected by most people. But over time, it will sound more and more reasonable.

We can also make the argument that ‘Blue’ states would be happier if they got rid of their conservative/patriotic inhabitants via seccession/accession. We might even find symmetrical situations … ‘Blue’ counties in ‘Red’ states who would like to join an adjacent ‘Blue’ states. Swapsies!

Well I’m NOT surprised , sounding more and more LEFT !
Obama must have made you proud " THE GREAT DIVIDER "

Some white neighborhoods in western Pontiac outside Detroit left Pontiac and joined the Waterford Township sometime 1980s. (Pontiac then had real bad black and Mexican neighborhood.)

Redrawing State borders is apparently more difficult.

We will be divided along such lines before any civil war ensues in the future. The example that you illustrate with Western Pontiac is clearly the “White Flight” that the Michele Obama always talks about as being racist!

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It so happens that many tourists from Europe and East Asia get in trouble while visiting the US by walking into the wrong neighborhoods of large cities. They are not fully briefed by their travel agents (who fear their customers may cancel the tickets) as to the risks they take while they’re in large US cities.

Maybe things are different in Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, etc. where black neighborhoods emerged in recent years and people learned a lesson or two.

Maybe unrelated but a Japanese engineer was arrested upon arrival at an airport in some African country for taking photos. He sat in jail for years, despite the efforts by his employer and the Japanese Foreign Ministry to free him, just for taking stupid photos. He was not fully warned of risks of being in an African country, not only from rampant crime but from government bureaucracy in Africa.

I met real nice black people in the US and Israel, but if I’m given a choice, I’ll avoid the black neighborhoods at all costs.

We all have our prejudices its our natural defense mechanism. That being said, this day in age with availability of the internet, its a travelers responsibility to educate themselves about the country that they are about to visit. Not doing so puts oneself in peril if they allow to become a victim due to their blind ignorance. Common sense should apply!

True. But if you put yourself in the shoes of a Japanese, or even someone from Hong Kong, who has never traveled overseas and can’t even imagine that DC where all the “nice” things are, like the Hill, Washington Monument, White House, etc etc is actually the murder capital especially at night. Decades ago (I don’t know about nowadays), Japanese tourists in NY would pull out a 100 dollar bill for the whole world to see to buy something from a street vendor, etc, which is an absolute no-no in the streets of New York. There’s no such info.

I lived in Israel for a few years prior to my trip to the US, and an Israel gave me advice just to stay away from blacks. A Jooish girl, an emigre fresh from the Soviet Union (it was 1980s) to the US originally lectured me and said we must never judge anyone by his or her skin color. Sort of like typical Soviet propaganda. But she, having spent just a few months in New York, got really upset and tired of the blacks and she wouldn’t have anything to do with them. You know, biases and prejudices are bad, but there are often reasons, like self-defense.

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WTF are you talking about ? I take it you haven’t been around many blacks .

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