Oppose HR 6747 - Republican Backed GVRO/ERPO Firearm Confiscation

There is a bill in the House that gives huge amounts of dollars to states that sign on. It will allow ALL police and any “concerned” angry member of your family to simply complain about you and POOF your guns will be taken…without any due process you will lose your 2A rights. It will force citizens to go before a government psychologist to attempt to get their guns back…placing the burden of proof on innocent citizens that have never broken the law to hire a lawyer, pay for doctors, and submit to a psychiatric exam to then continue to own or buy a gun.

Read the full text: H.R.6747 - Protecting Our Communities and Rights Act of 2018

I urge everyone to go to the link below and fill out the form to oppose the bill it will auto-email your representative. Otherwise you should contact your representative on your own - this is VITAL!



Given that the US media and Democrats consider gun owners to be white racist domestic terrorists, this bill, if enacted will become the pretext for countrywide confiscation, and I am concerned that a weakened President Donald Trump will likely cave and sign it into law – sad to say.


True enough, he is already to sign the bump stock ban that will give people 90 days to get rid of them. He vowed to do it and pushed it into the lap of a surprisingly willing congress…


Trump stays on his anti-establishment message very well - his actions are beginning to tell another story I’m afraid. If he does not veto this then I hope that Americans will elect a President in 2020 will will actually carry out the vision President Trump laid out as a candidate. The world is counting on it.

Trump proposed this.


It took about a 2hr session with NRA leadership to get him to walk it back.

While I agree we need to correct the disconnect between the mentally disturbed who go on to commit crimes with guns and properly dealing with them ahead of time laws like this are absolutely not the answer and run completely counter to our constitutional protections on many levels.

Supposedly temporary or not, no confiscation of weapons without first giving us our due process. The only exception to this should be if you are arrested for a crime or dangerous act as it’s always been.

The problem is that often in the past there has been no followup by LEO’s and Mental Health Authorities to have someone forcibly committed and properly adjudicated. That is what needs to be corrected.

NY is passing a law in order to get a permit you MUST give the State ALL your passwords to ALL your social media accounts . WTF !!!


They’re following China example of using social credit score to determine the amount of freedom you’re allowed.

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What will actual, real life gun confiscation look like if/when the 2nd amendment is removed from the Constitution?

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Hint: It never will be. They’ll continue the slow boil. Pass a law, have a turn-in period. Maybe a registry if they’re feeling frisky. Arrest a few people who weren’t compliant. Have an amnesty period. Rinse and repeat. Continue to make arrests of those found to be in violation of the law. Pass another law. Rinse and repeat. First it’ll be a mag ban, then deeper “assault weapon” restrictions, mandatory background checks, then semi-auto bans, caliber bans (goodbye .50 BMG), storage requirements, licensing requirements for certain types of guns, licensing requirements for all guns, gun purchase limits, ammo purchase limits, then tighten the screws on all of the above.

Pretty much exactly what they did with the 1934 NFA. Are there illegal machineguns? Yes. Do the powers that be sweat over them at all? No.

Nothing is going to happen. There would be buy backs and amnesties that some would take, but the majority of the 400 million guns in the US would not be turned in and their lessons from the 1990’s is they can’t go door to door to take them because they don’t have enough men and morale. It’ll be a law on the books that nobody will really enforce and many will simply not obey, they will sit and go “In like 70 years all the guns will be gone” and 70 years into it most of the guns will still be out there and the gun banners will go “Well, we’ll just wait another 70 years, then we’ll get it” and it’ll probably be more like Finland where all those illegal unregistered war booty guns will just sit in the same closets and hiding places forever and never get turned in forever.

You’ve probably even heard some anti gun people lament that its too late for gun control in the US for civilian disarmament, there’s simply far too many guns in the hands of far too many people who will never turn them in, with families that will continue to hold onto their guns for generations. They might pass a law just to sit on their hands. Its more likely there will be an upheavel, revolution, world war before civilian disarmament in the US would ever occur from age and attrition.

I understand the spirit of the law here but it’s an extremely dangerous slippery slope to me. Yes, if someone is in fear of their life, taking the potential offenders gun makes sense on paper. Unfortunately, criminals are usually one step ahead of the law. Pass this law and they’ll simply find a way to hide their guns or accelerate their actions rather than wait around for the police to show.

As with most of these laws, the intent is noble but the impact will only serve to abuse law abiding citizens and won’t stop the criminal. I’d suggest we focus on assisting people with mental health rather than trying to disarm them because we THINK they MIGHT be a threat.

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It would look like a civil war and we would win.

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Many local police departments would refuse to confiscate, many more simply won’t due to the danger. Places that do would probably already be liberal hellholes, and so there might not be that much resistance in the first place - just virtue signaling for neighbors.

I don’t disagree with that at all. No way the local Sheriff is going to make his people stack up on a door and kick it in, risking getting shot to go after someone that’s not a threat to society and confiscate their guns. Honestly, most of America would still be armed while the Liberal hell-holes would get worse as they would lose the ability to defend themselves… of course, that’s exactly what tyrants want.

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Unfortunately this has already proven to be the case in several places in the country with tragic results for both the police doing the confiscating and the person who resisted.

This should be struck down like lightning if it passes the first time it’s challenged in court but will probably have to work it’s way all the way to the SCOTUS before they quit and try rewriting it so it can survive scrutiny.

Cases like these are why it’s so essential Trump get at least one or two more picks on the SCOTUS and as many as possible in the lower courts.

We can do more through the courts one case at a time than can ever be accomplished legislatively.

If not for the courts implementing the left’s agenda “progressivism” would have died on the vine three decades ago.

My brother was just telling me that they passed a law in Maryland that allows law enforcement total discretion to declare someone mentally ill with no evidence whatsoever and seize their guns. That means effectively the 2nd Amendment already is repealed in Maryland, because guns can be seized any time, anywhere, and for no reason at all–no evidence of any crime committed required.

Oh, and the law also allows relatives to claim (again, with no evidence) that a relative is mentally ill. Some bitch just did this to a guy, and cops went to take his guns and shot him. So, it’s already happening. Guns are being confiscated right now, and they’ll shoot you if you resist.

It won’t happen overnight, it’ll be a slow etching away of every freedom including speech and religion. It’s an organized 100 year communist takeover, all they have to do to win is make sure no one gets hungry.

Well, hope they don’t come for my guns because I’m going to get shot and no telling how many go with me.

That would be the 2nd, 4th, and 5th.