Operation Stand Your Ground /SYG/


Put posters on campuses and public spaces. Nick is a fucking hero who showed the world that a white man can face down the full wrath of MSM and win if he stands his ground. This hero symbol could be a fatal blow to the chilling effect that media harassment has on the right. It could also bait the media into reacting badly in a way that gives Nick’s legal team more ammo to use against them.

Many posters have already gone up and headlines are starting to roll in:




The poster design has also been retweeted happily by James Woods and angrily by the NYT:




  1. Put posters on campuses and public spaces
  2. Do not change the design
  3. Do not commit any vandalism or crimes
  4. Wear a disguise if necessary
  5. Ignore shills, they’re terrified





It’s sad that you have to burn the moral high ground from beneath your own feet and the “movement” itself with such profanity/vulgarity.

This was a Catholic School event and the kid represented both his church and the school magnificently with silence and a smile, not profanity and hate.

I’m in Northern NJ - I can only imagine the shock and horror if these found their way to bulletin boards at the local Starbucks.

I love this message. I hope it find it’s way into every school, every park, coffee shops where kids hang out.

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That’s right. I also think it’s time that this generation coming up grew a back bone and stopped being perpetually offended by every little thing - whether offensive or not. This young man set the example.

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Yep, perfect poster child…hope he doesn’t do anything stupid to ruin that image.

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He already said he has nothing to apologize for on the 60 minutes interview, which I thought was dead on.

I’d like to see this “movement” catch fire.

The “White, Catholic, Christian, Straight” Shaming needs to be fought on the same terms they are using against us.