OPEC Cuts Production And Smashes Biden In The Mouth ⛽

This was fun to watch this Interesting exchange from today’s OPEC presser as Saudi Energy minister calls out the fake reporting of Rueters, a media conglomerate that is known to be a leftist propaganda rag for the UK Government and EU.

The issue at hand is this: just before the mid-terms in America the Saudi’s are turning the screws on the Biden administration as a barrel of Oil has now reached over $100 and have decided to cut production. Many in the media such as Reuters are trying to accuse the OPEC nations of deliberately manipulating the price of oil and conspiring with Russia in order to punish the west.

This will no doubt be on the minds of many voters as $6.00 to $8.00 dollar a gallon of gas before the mid-terms elections is looking very likely. Such cuts is aimed at increasing the price when the demand has been lower and that is what is at the crux for many in the West as Winter approaches and the price of heating oil and anything associated with petroleum will also increase significantly. Many in the Political left who are up for re-election are worried that the timing of this will have an impact on the November Mid-Term elections results.

This was his response.


CNBC Reporter upset it will hurt Biden

Its going to be a long winter for many!

Here is a more comprehensive explanation of what just happened

On the OPEC situation and Morning Joe is very nervous!

In 2020, Democrats killed a Trump proposal to refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) with U.S. oil at $24BBL.

We now know that, over the last few weeks, Biden had secretly offered to refill it with OPEC+ oil at $80BBL.

Now there is headlines asking if the US is going to retaliate against Saudi Arabia for their decisions to cut production. Other news sources albeit propanda sourced news outlets are running with taglines that the Saudi’s are siding with the Russian’s when it comes to this particular decision of cutting production.



A very succinct breakdown of our Oil situation and what this announcement from OPEC will mean in the long run. Kudlow makes everything very clear as to motives and why everything is going to be extremely expensive as a result.