Op ed about Trump voters

Victor Davis Hanson writing on CNN? Hell is expecting flurries…


Victor Davis Hanson is among the most logical commenters in the news cycles today. His insight and descriptions of reality are generally spot on…and well worded.

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Along thise same lines Fox News hosted a Bernie Sanders rally and Town Hall. They have officially moved to the left.

Holy shit. The guy is right on. Crazy News Network must be trying to beat MSNBC back to the world of decency and truth now that Mueller is done and the lies of the left are like dripping pustules on their faces…impossible to hide anymore.

Fox News regularly invites liberals and crazy socialists on their shows…to expose them as the idiots they are. It’s not like they were promoting Bernie.

Did you watch the show…or are you just speaking out of your sphincter?

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Fox News is part of the mainstream media. Every single person here should be suspect of what they pump out. They are no better than controlled opposition in many instances.

I’ve stopped watching all the talking heads. I don’t care what they think and I don’t want to hear from them.

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Since this topic is already in place, here is an interesting take on why Trump still has such wide support…