Oops! Maxine! Rep Maxine Waters Embarrassed Herself!

This is all too funny! Maxine is clueless and doesn’t realize that the Federal Government took over Student loans 10 years ago. She basically embarrassed herself here. The Bankers were trying their best not to laugh at her!

Maxine Waters seems completely unaware the federal government nationalized students loans 10 years ago despite chairing a committee that regulates commercial banks.

“What are you going to do to help US”

Note the “us” … think about it.

Don’t imagine she doesn’t know, but maybe, just maybe, she’s building up to demanding that they as federally regulated entities bear the cost of student loans even though they didn’t issue them. Or maybe she’s building up to nationalizing the banks because they “have money” and the government needs money to give away?

Could if be that the DNC, in addition to being more open about their socialism, is having more socialism they want to be open about?

And to think she one of libs best and brightest.


Who gave her those questions to ask is what I want to know. Were they trying to make a fool out of her?

She didn’t even clue in, never skipped a beat and went right on to the next subject. It never even registered to her.

Probably someone had to break the news to her that she made an ass out of herself before she heard it on TV.

She dint no nuffin…

Stupid people are generally not aware that they are stupid. Maxine Waters is in hog heaven now that stupid Nancy Pelosi gave her a gavel.

She made that very clear :hammer:

It’s a vast ringht-wing conspiracy I tell ya. Vast! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re probably right, Samm. :wink:

I just know Trump personally wrote those questions while sipping whisky with the bankers over surf and turf.

They probably had a grand old time.

Watters is incapable of embarrassment. She’s too stupid to realize just how dumb she is.

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Addressing the threads title.

Is it really news if it happens every day?

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That was hilarious.

Thanks Maxine for the laugh and showing us your hidden talent.


This Affirmative Action knuckle dragger is clueless .