One more Christian country down?

There are many ways to defeat Christian countries.
But who are their enemies?
Go figure.

You think we’re down? Dude, we’re taking a rest - Best first round of any Presidency. Long list of accomplishments - my favorite? Exposing every one of YOU. The Swamp is real, the swamp is exposed, the swamp is going to fail miserably

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But do YOU (personally) know who the enemy is?
Can you shoot in the dark? I guess you can, but you won’t score a hit.

It’s called night-vision - literally and figuratively.

Israel and Al Qaeda working together - You might as well tell me that Trump and Kamala Harris are teaming up to make America Great again, again! YAWN

You’re still in the dark.
Hamas and al-Qaeda were created and are supported by Israel (and Zionist faction of CIA).
CIA and FBI have different factions.

Israel is no different. There are some Israelis who want peace and some Israelis who want Israel to rule the world.

We certainly agree there, how could we not?

A guy offered me a frozen banana last summer, I said “NO, but I would Like a regular banana later, so; YES!”

Biden is for destruction of a Christian country which is America.
You get the picture?