Once again a giant failure to report from the MSM

Newly Declassified Documents Reinforce Corruption Of Steele Dossier, FISA Warrants

JULY 18, 2020 By Tristan Justice

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee released new documents Friday further undercutting the “reliability” of the already discredited Democrat-funded Chrstopher Steele dossier and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) warrants that were approved by deep-state operatives conducting illegal surveillance against officials working for the Trump campaign.

The pair of documents reveal more evidence that the FBI was aware of the dossier’s credibility issues in early 2017 yet proceeded with its unlawful surveillance anyway under the authority of warrants that the FISA court ruled illegitimate earlier this year.

The first document is a 57-page three-day summary of FBI interviews with British intelligence official Christopher Steele’s “Primary Sub-source” that was the foundation for the dossier. The inteview shows the primary sub-source was not only never a well-connected Russian official, but was actually a contractor for Steele’s firm. The primary sub-source was also caught unaware of information that Steele attributed to him and charged Steele with mischaracterizing important events to exaggerate claims.

“In total, this document demonstrates that information from the Steele dossier, which ‘played a central and essential role’ in the FISA warrants on Carter Page, should never have been presented to the FISA court,” wrote Senate Republicans in a statement.

The second document unveils a new treasure trove of notes from former FBI agent Peter Strzok making clear Strzok knew of the lack of credibility of Steele’s primary sub-sources, writing “recent interviews and investigation however, reveal Steele may not be in a position to judge the reliability of his sub-source network.”

Strzok, the corrupt senior FBI agent who was exposed as having an affair with former bureau attorney Lisa Page as they were teaming up to oust the democratically elected president through a deep-state coup, also authored notes that were released late last month showing Strzok playing a role in setting up former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in a perjury trap.

The second document also attributes comments to Strzok on a New York Times article chronicling alleged ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

“[W]e have not seen evidence of any individuals affiliated with the Trump team in contact with IOs [Intelligence Officials]…. We are unaware of ANY Trump advisors engaging in conversations with Russian intelligence officials,” Strzok reportedly said.

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, condemned those involved in Crossfire Hurricane. That Obama administration operation sought to bring down the president with junk intelligence that the FBI knew was riddled with errors and contradictions but pushed forward with anyway, centering in on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

“The dossier was a critical document to justify a FISA warrant against Mr. Page and this DOJ memo clearly indicates that the reliability of the dossier was completely destroyed after the interview with the primary sub-source in January 2017,” Graham said in a statement. “Those who knew or should have known of this development and continued to pursue a FISA warrant against Mr. Page anyway are in deep legal jeopardy in my view.”

Tristan Justice is a staff writer at The Federalist focusing on the 2020 presidential campaigns. Follow him on Twitter at @JusticeTristan or contact him at Tristan@thefederalist.com.

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And another failure from the MSM:

Poll: Less Than 30 Percent Of Americans Say Redskins Should Change Their Name

JULY 18, 2020 By Paulina Enck

Nearly half of respondents of a national poll conducted by Morning Consult are just fine with the name of NFL team The Washington Redskins. The football team, which has been for years accused of racism against Native Americans despite polls finding Native American majorities support the name, has been slated for change to placate a small group of online leftist agitators.

However, it turns out that far more Americans believe the name ought to remain than those who prefer a more culturally sensitive name. According to the poll, 49 percent of respondents believe the Redskins should keep their nickname, with only 29 percent in favor of the upcoming change and 22 percent unsure.

When broken down by generation, the nickname is less popular with Gen Z than with any others. Forty-five percent of Gen Z are in favor of changing the name, with only 23 percent supporting the nickname’s maintenance. Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers all see a larger percentage of their respective populations support keeping the name.

The desire to change drops to 31 percent for millennials, with 47 percent in favor of the name. Gen X decreases again, with only 27 percent wishing to rid the team of the name, compared to the 55 percent who support it. Only 24 percent of Boomers believe the name ought to be removed, with 56 percent who believe it should remain.

When looking at how the name’s popularity changes among racial lines, it becomes clear that white people predominately support the name, Black people believe it ought to be changed, although by fewer than half, and Hispanic people are torn.

Fifty-seven percent of white respondents think the team should keep the nickname, while only 24 percent argue for its removal. In contrast, 46 percent of black respondents believe the team name should change, with only 23 percent in favor of it remaining. Hispanic respondents are split right down the middle, with 38 percent supporting both keeping and changing the nickname.

Along with asking whether the team nickname should be changed, the poll explored how many respondents found the name offensive compared to other team mascots attacked as propagating ethnic or racial stereotypes.

The Redskins ranked the second most offensive name, with 30 percent of respondents finding the name and logo offensive. The only team to score higher was the Cleveland Indians and their mascot Chief Wahoo, who was deemed offensive by 33 percent of respondents.

The other potentially controversial mascots included: Chicago Blackhawks (25 percent), Florida State Seminoles (24 percent), Atlanta Braves (17 percent), Kansas City Chiefs (16 percent), Notre Dame Fighting Irish (16 percent), and the Edmonton Eskimos (16 percent).

This poll did not break out the data any Native American respondents, if there were any. It would be interesting to see what their opinion on the name and its potential change would be, as that is the group the change is purportedly protecting. Historically, Native Americans have been widely supportive of the team’s name.

A 2016 Washington Post poll of Native Americans showed that 90 percent of respondents were not bothered by the name, and 78 percent found the debate unimportant. Many respondents took it a step further, and declared they like the team’s name and find it supportive of Native Americans. The Washington Post results also fit a 2004 poll of Native Americans conducted by University of Pennsylvania’s National Annenberg Election Survey, which also saw 90 percent of respondents supporting the name.

Paulina Enck is an intern at the Federalist and current student at Georgetown University in the School of Foreign Service. Follow her on Twitter at @itspaulinaenck

I don’t see anything that resembles justice happening here . All of the demonRATS want it buried and 50% of the so-called republicans could care less they watch the polls and move with the leaning and will not commit .

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And the truth is buried by the MSM in their failure to report news,

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Yes we need to change the redskins name as it’s offensive to a small group of people. Being politically correct is so in these days.

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In other news, I banned the NFL from my house when they started supporting taking a knee so they can do whatever they want to ruin the sport. I think they’re stupid but just don’t give a damn anymore.



“On the field before Thursday’s Yanks-Nats opener, players and coaches on both clubs knelt prior to the anthem and held a long black ribbon as a symbol of unity.”

During Saturday’s game in DC Yankees Stanton and Hicks also knelt.

This is a tough one for me being a lifelong Yankee fan. It was reported on Sunday’s broadcast that Stanton and Hicks were not on the field for the anthem.
God Bless America has continued to be played during Yankee exhibition games and I surmise that will continue at the Stadium at the seventh inning stretch.
I have already dropped the NBA and NFL. As for MLB I will watch the games but decline in the future to purchase products from their sponsors. I’ll let the Marxists baseball fans support their commercial endeavours.

A listing of MLB sponsors to avoid.

A listing of Yankee sponsors to avoid.

Major corporate sponsors are PepsiCo (nyse: PEP), Canon, Delta Air Lines (nyse: DAL), MasterCard (nyse: MA), Bank of America (nyse: BAC), W.B. Mason .