On the Temple Mount

Two non-Muslims walk on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
All these idiotic wows might get on your nerves, but the video offers seldom seen inside views of the Mound.

Some questions remain.
Was it really the site where Abraham was ready to offer Isaac as a human sacrifice but was prevented to do so? (According to some scholars, Abraham did kill Isaac and made an offering to God, whatever his name may be.)

If the kingdom of David and Solomon really existed, why was it never mentioned in the Egyptian record?

What deities have really been worshipped there since “Jerusalem” means in ancient Canaanite “City of Salem”? (Salem is a Canaanite deity and “Solomon” mostly likely derived from this deity.)

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You must be a super genius!
The video is about 20 minutes long and you saw it in one minute and a half.

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In case other members wonder why I reacted so strongly, what this idiot just did was strike at the very heart of Christianity, and he pissed all over the Bible.

One aspect of Jesus Christ is that he is in the royal line of David. Sometimes the Bible refers to him as “Son of David.” The Gospel of Matthew begins by calling Jesus the son of David , indicating his royal origin, and also son of Abraham, indicating that he was an Israelite; both are stock phrases, in which son means descendant, calling to mind the promises God made to David and to Abraham. And one reason Jesus is known as King is, again, because of his royal lineage to David.

To deny the existence of the Davidic Kingdoms is to pretty much deny the Bible. This half-witted idiot Didgevillage finds some moron video online and decides that the heart of human history never happened.

Yeah, I reacted to that, and rightly so.

No, you didn’t. You reacted idiotically.

Why the plural?
According to your logic, there should only be one.

Why did you change the category to conspiracy?
There’s nothing conspiratorial about the post.
I am prepared to hear your logic.
Otherwise, I’m forced to think you’re one of the most disgusting individuals here, hell bent on harassing.

Whether or not Jesus descended from King David is irrelevant to the teachings of Jesus.

There are embellishments to his life which were probably useful in the past to spread his message, such as virgin birth.

But now it’s a burden for the modern mind, and many would reject the teachings of Jesus wholesale because of such myths added later.