Old Man DELETES Two Climate Protesters In Panama In CRAZY Video!

A retired 77-year-old American lawyer and professor Kenneth Darlington deleted two protesters on the Pan-American highway in Panama. He currently has been detained but due to special laws in Panama he not face any jail time due to his age. Crazy I know!

While I don’t necessarily condone his action, but I do understand it and I am not surprised that people will eventually get fed up with these people who have been disrupting all kinds of people’s commutes to work all through out Europe. So far nothing like this has happened, but eventually people are going to say enough is enough, where people take violent action to remove these eco-terrorist from the roads that they are blocking especially if such protestors are impeding someone’s path to getting to work.

Here is the link to the article

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I knew something like this was eventually bound to happen. I saw somewhere a man was using bear spray on the protesters and it seemed quite effective. This shooting seems extreme!

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Old man?
He’s just having a mid-life crisis.

77 is not old? The new 40?

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I wish more people would do more of this. At least its not murdering people, but at the same time bring some pain to these idiots blocking the highway.

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