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What our Lefties who scorn patriotism and any honoring of the flag cannot comprehend is that their main value โ€“ โ€˜anti-racismโ€™ โ€“ can, in a divided society like America, be implemented by patriotism โ€“ ie. by allegiance to something that transcends race.

The Left believe you can advance โ€˜anti-racismโ€™ by scolding people, by parading their own virtue, by legal and extra-legal sanctions. They are wrong.

For the last fifty years, the American cultural apparatus has tried to inculcate the virtue of โ€˜anti-racismโ€™, and they have succeeded, superficially. But the racial fracture line is still there, and the Left is now pushing crowbars into it, hoping to bring down America along race lines, where they failed to do so on class lines.

But if identity politics really takes off among non-whites, it will quickly spread to whites. A few self-hating Leftists will apologize for being white, will beg to pay โ€˜reparationsโ€™, will talk about โ€˜white privilegeโ€™. But ordinary white people wonโ€™t. And the spread of white racial identity โ€“ as opposed to American identity โ€“ among whites will result in a catastrophe.

American patriotism is anti-racism. Itโ€™s different from the tribal patriotism of many other nations, which are ethnically- homogenous. There, in the past, patriotism quickly transformed into aggressive nationalism: Germany is the outstanding example in the 20th Century.

But American patriotism is different, because the US was built, right from the beginning, out of varied tribal groups. In Europe, theyโ€™re just beginning to get to grips with the problems this can cause, mainly because their immigration is from the Third World. America was different and our patriotism, and attitude to the Flag, is different.

Here is proof, among a set of men who, I promise you, could not give a ratโ€™s ass about โ€˜anti-racismโ€™ or โ€˜white privilegeโ€™. They were not guilt-tripped into doing what they did. They are not liberals. (And God help any Kluxers or AntiFa flag-burning scum who might have tried to disrupt this demonstration of respect to a Black American.)


Thank you for posting that in this difficult time. We need to remember that we are Americans! We are tougher, stronger, and better than every group of people on the face of this planet and we are going to get through this because of that fact! God bless the USA!


Weโ€™re all created in Godโ€™s image no matter what ethnic group we are.
The Liberal Dems had kept blacks dependent on government handouts and voted against legislation in their favor and destroyed gains made while the South was occupied with Jim Crow Laws.
The Racial Divide worsened during 8 years of Obama.The mere criticism of blacks and blacks in government was almost High Treason.
Because of Liberals personal hatred of President Trump, they continue to portray him as racist.

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Government handouts you say, yet we have Trump who has presided over the biggest government handout in The history of the United States.

Very telling to see how Trump supporters remain quiet about that.

Thereโ€™s quite a difference between handing out freebies to undeserving, able bodied leeches and providing aid to victims of catastrophic events.

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The victims of these events are contributing to society as in working and paying taxes that societies noncontrbutors may exist. The only help they need is to get on their feet again .Our government has made it easy to have a generation to generation lifestyle of of living off the taxpayers dole.If anyone attempts to change it, theyโ€™re accused of being racist and against low income people by the political and media enablers .