Ok , nothing to see here , let pack it up . Hunter wouldn't LIE

Hunter Biden testifies he ‘did not involve’ his father in his businesses, calls impeachment inquiry ‘baseless’

Hunter Biden appeared on Capitol Hill on Wednesday for his closed-door, deposition at the House Oversight and Judiciary committees. Hunter Biden said Republicans have no evidence against his father “because there isn’t any,” according to an opening statement.

I keep seeing this reference to “business” by Hunter Biden. What business was involved in getting a sports car paid for from Kazakstan? What was the business involved in loose gems?

What was the “business” that got over 20 million dollars from overseas? Only one side of a “business transaction” is being shown the payment part, nothing about what they were buying.

Plenty of evidence. The $3.5 million wire from Russia to Hunter and the quid pro quo was Joe taking the Russian’s business off of the sanctions list was one of the first transactions to be presented against the Biden Crime Family.


  1. Hunter Biden sat on Burisma’s board.

  2. He was unqualified to do so.

  3. Burisma pressured him to get D.C. to act on policy issues in Ukraine.

  4. Joe Biden did just that.


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Just waiting for the moment when it all comes crashing down. History repeats itself, like Nero and the burning of Rome. Odd isn’t it?


We can only hope it happens in OUR lifetime !

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