OK here’s the tough one… What was Joe Biden’s biggest failure in 2021

So many to choose from. …

I’d have to say Illegal entry of aliens ( border) …

Second. Definitely Afghanistan.

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Not resigning day 1 because of incompetency !!!

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So now you like trump nice

Biggest issue for Americans is the current inflation.

My biggest issue is the border, totally ignored by the administration. Over 2 billion in covid funds diverted to pay for their care. Imagine spreading 2 billion in a community of 1 million and what it could do for them.


In one word ,EVERYTHING!!!@

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Yea it’s going to be a huge problem

In my opinion, as to my previous post, is his abandoning of Israel in their fight against the Iranian proxies and refusing to sell them more weapons.I would hope that Israel would nuke one of the TOWELHEADS refineries and turn it into Cherynobyl.If that doesn’t readjust their attitude, then do the the same to Tehran. Bidet has become the pussiest world leader next to the Europeans to be scared of Iran. He is the first EUNUCH to be President since Peanut Farmer Carter.

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When you say Israel do you mean Palestine?

Arresting January 6th protesters is right up there.

Only of this country finally wakes up. The administration has done an outstanding job of spreading the illegals to every corner of this country so people really are not directly affected by illegals.