Official Deep Inside Obama-Era Defense Intelligence Agency Pleads Guilty to Spying for China

Wow! Obama and his minions really did some real damage!

There sure is a lot of corruption coming out of the Obama administration lately

“Nothing to see here folks, move along”… .

Lately? IRS being used as a political weapon against Republican 501 groups? Edward Snowden chased out of the US for whistleblowing NSA spy program on US citizens? Seems to me those all happened under the Obama administration too. Odd because I was assured that it was also the most transparent administration we had. Makes sense too since we had bills that had to be signed before we could know what was in them. Nothing screams transparency bigger than shit like that.

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Its easy to discern now what where the motives. The entire administration was corrupt and possibly treasonous! From Valery Jarrett to Eric Holder, and the 7th floor at the State Department. Obama’s plan was to get Hillary elected in order to insure his legacy would continue by effectively black mailing here and essentially giving a 3rd 4th term by pushing more of his policy initiatives. This story is one of many I suspect that will make more nefarious connections to China and their influences. If we want to talk about real collusion, lets talk about China’s interference within our political and educational institutions

Its like a car that needs to be restored, it needs to be stripped down to the frame in order to address the corrosion in order for proper restoration to take place.

I don’t think it was blackmail at all. The Clintons were actively selling us out to China while slick Willie was still in the oval office.

Exactly! Obama had that on her, and thus wanted her to win in which he would hang that over her head!

Nope. More likely they were just playing for the same team/foreign interests.

Believe what want, but you are not giving in to alternative views here.

“Errors” ROFL

This is from 2013.

You are entitled to your opinions and free to disagree! I have my reasons for why I believe and why I put forth that explanation!

So who was blackmailing Obama to go to China during his first term? Are you also forgetting it was the party of projection who first threw out the “collusion with Russians” nonsense?

What does that got to do with Hillary Clinton and black mailing her if she were President?

Why do you think she needed to be blackmailed in the first place? What is the Clinton Foundation under investigation for?

Do you always answer a question with another question?

Just trying to get you to put two and two together to come up with four on your own instead of telling you what to think. I just roll that way.

Need more evidence? How about Obama being the real reason Hillary was allowed to walk on the classified email scandal? Not because he was protecting her, but rather if she had been implicated, he would have been implicated as well.

You are pretty much supporting my argument. The two were intertwined with common interests, and thus my theory still holds up. I am not even sure why you are arguing or disagreeing with me. Whatever! Like I said I have my views you have yours! Lets leave it at that!

The only blackmail needed to be held over Hillary’s head was a cutting off of campaign money from the Chinese and those profiting by Chinese industrial production and a continuing negative trade balance with China.

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