Official Coronavirus Thread - The Next Airborne Misery

I watched a TV program last week which blamed the Spanish Flu on the US Army.

Specifically the Flu started in the mid-West and spread around the soldiers who were training. Ignoring the complaints from some, the soldiers were packed into ships and sent to Europe where something like 2/3rds of them were unable to perform.

In Spain there were no reporting restrictions and the malaise was widely reported. Everywhere else there was a war going on and reporting was tightly controlled.

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Basically, Spanish Flu had nothing to do with Spain.

But its not a conspiracy. It was not named The Spanish Flu for any nefarious purposes.

In order to hide the true cause.

Bollocks! The rest of Europe lost loads of people, however there was a war going on and morale and hiding weakness were number 1 and 2.

Wrong, it began in Spain, spread around Europe and was brought to the US probably by returning soldiers and immigrants fleeing war torn Europe.

Stop lying. Vaccines against influenza weren’t even developed until 25 years later largely to prevent a similar pandemic like the 1918 SF pandemic.

What does any of this back and forth have to do with this new virus emerging out of China? Asking for a friend.

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Little or nothing. As usual Digi took a shit on yet another thread with his lies and idiotic, insane conspiracy theories.

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Well, nevermind him. No point in feeding the trolls. Anyway, I hadn’t heard much about this virus until seeing this thread which prompted me to do some further digging. Needless to say, I didn’t like what I found and of course China is downplaying the amount of people who are seriously ill or who have perished. They are doing nothing about preventing these people from traveling either - which puts all destinations at great risk.

Sar’s has been around for most of a decade now in China, occasionally showing up elsewhere but so far there have been no major epidemics.

Probably worth keeping up with but nothing alarming.

While the initial jump in cases looks worrying, it’s whether the numbers still go up or down that is now more important.

“Today, Chinese health authorities reported that over 130 new pneumonia cases caused by the virus were identified over the weekend, bringing the total in China alone to 201, including three outside Wuhan.”

I read the other day that there were about 1000 cases. I wouldn’t trust any of the numbers China is reporting.

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Oh no. This will be disastrous for their economy and they will need migrants in order to sustain economic growth.

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I think you’re right; I’ve been watching some youtube documentaries on the subject and I got the impression it began in America.

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500 million? Bloody hell, just imagine living every hour in the knowledge that (apart from a very few cases who seemed to be immune to it) if you catch something you ain’t gonna survive longer than a few more days? :scream:

Yeah, but Trump’s got a trade deal ( :grinning:) with China, it’s all good…snicker.

The biggest issue with the Spanish Flu is that it decimated the fit and healthy. This is because (allegedly) the SF germ stimulated a massive immune-system response and therefore those in the best health were hardest hit.

Anyway, back to SARS…

This is a new strain of the virus…

I was first alerted to this by a friend who lives in Hong Kong. A number of people wound-up in hospital in HK due to this problem. Naturally the ‘authorities’ are keen to avoid alarming the public, then the BBC article appeared (see post #1).

The alarm bells rang when cases started appearing outside China. Here in Europe the situation is starting to get news coverage. The most recent report (a couple of days ago) being that Chinese immigration are temperature testing passengers at the airports. Whether that is all airports or just the ones in and around Wuhan is unclear.

For those who fail to learn from history

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