Official Coronavirus Non-Political Thread: Facts and Updates ⛑

Lose in November? What’s the difference? If he fails to win a second term then it doesn’t matter. Why are you trying to conflate context here?

I’m simply speaking in accurate terms. The Democrats do not have a nominee yet. They have a presumptive nominee. Therefore we don’t know what Democrat will win in November but we do know that Trump will lose.

Anyhow, please stay on topic. This is about the thousands of deaths that Trump is responsible for and trying to decipher what you mean by your ammo up comment.

Well then you are free to take this discussion to the political thread. Just in case you forgot to read, this is a non political thread.

If this was Biden’s term right now, I believe we would be in more trouble. Sometimes, he has no clue where he is at times. JMO

I didn’t make it political. I provided death statistics that Trump is responsible for. Please do keep up.

You did by blaming Trump first! Take responsibility for your own words instead of trying to lie about it!

Post your crap here!

Trump is the President of the United States and is leading the public health response. Trump himself said, in 2013, that leadership is all about taking responsibility. So according to his own statement I am simply holding him responsible for his failures in leading the federal public health response - 79526 dead.

Like I said you are posting this in the wrong thread. For someone who claims to know everything you can’t quite figure that out yet.

Is this not the thread for death numbers?

Non political! Read the fking op!

Are death numbers political now? Or, are the numbers just politically inconvenient?

Are you dense or something? This thread is strictly for non political facts pertaining to the virus. I just posted a link for you to post your rants, so what is your problem?

So why did you post this?

Because of the facts inside the news report. Did you watch it? Or are you going by the header?

No different than the facts related to Trump that I presented.

Just a refresher! This statement by you is making this thread political and what I am saying is there is already a thread established for this topic. Not that hard to figure out!

Yes they are different and you would know that if you actually watched the video so stop with this childish nonsense!

The video is entirely political. Maybe you should watch it again. Apparently it’s fine for you to post political items in this thread but when someone posts health related data you don’t like you pretend to be the arbiter of what’s allowed and what isn’t…and we all know you have no such authority here.

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You did not watch the video! The fact you said it was totally political is proof positive that you didn’t. So stop with your bullshit here!

If you have something to add here that is facts and information about the virus then do so. Stop with your thread derailing or I will start flagging your posts! You are not adding to the discussion here instead you choose to be antagonistic, so either move on or add something that is thread related.