Official 2020-2021 Presidential Election Thread

This is the official thread for all 2020 presidential election results, news, and reporting. I am going to open and sticky this thread now so we can begin tracking a lot of the early vote totals that have been rapidly getting updated throughout the day.

I will update this post with live streams of election night coverage as they become available.

Finally - for everyone going out tomorrow to vote. Do not get off the line. Regardless of what the news says…stay in the line and cast your ballot.



The National Guard is being deployed across America in anticipation of civil unrest on Election night. No coincidence that Europe has been plunged into lockdown just before the elections. It certainly feels as if something big is about to go down. Biden already has said he won’t let Trump declare victory whatever the results show.

Also this website was created to report any irregularities as I suspect there will be some shenanigans going on so report them here.

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I think they are going to try to make everyone wait as long as possible because of all the COVID social distancing BS. They know people will need to go to work or get home and take care of their families. Scumbags.

This is interesting. The news media will purposely not announce the results on election night!

I am sick and tired of this crap. The media needs to be treated as a hostile enemy at this point.


Trump Campaign just issued this, moments ago.

The ultimate tell is going to be when they roll out all of these fancy videos, that look incredibly polished, just in time for them to contest the results of Trump winning the election.

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So what happens then? Do we riot or what?

A recap from 2016

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We may not know the results on the election night…

Election result certification deadlines are set in state law. Once results are certified, the result of the election may go into effect. Certification deadlines for the 2020 election are as follows:

  • The certification deadline in six states is within one week of the election.
  • In 26 states and the District of Columbia, the certification deadline is between November 10 and November 30.
  • In 14 states, the certification deadline is in December.
  • Four states (Hawaii, N.H., R.I., and Tenn.) do not have deadlines for results certification laid out in state statute.

Everyone…start buying Amish furniture right now. No more Chinese crap. These guys are going to swing PA! They are also having all of their women vote for the first time!


Joe Ends his last campaign speech by forgetting! :+1:

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Democrats are like cows! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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WTF is he going to do from his basement ? Give him a minute and he will forget there was an election .

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Biden has lost 80k of his mail-in gap in less than 2 hours… he’s getting absolutely ass blasted!!!


This was freaking awesome and why I absolutely love my fellow Americans!