OBAMA WAS IN ON IT! Andrew McCarthy: Counter Intelligence Investigations Are Done for the President — Obama KNEW About Spying on Trump

And yet the Leftist MSM would have you believe that Obama’s only scandal was wearing a tan suit.

The list of Obama’s scandals is as long as my arm. The MSM take us for fools.

In an unprecedented move Barack Obama spied on the opposition candidate during the 2016 election.

And it was all based on lies that they all knew were lies.

On Tuesday night Attorney and author Andrew McCarthy joined Sean Hannity to discuss the ongoing Spygate scandal.

During the discussion Andrew McCarthy, who served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, told Sean Hannity that Obama knew about the spying on Trump.


This is already being covered in a thread called Spygate

Of COURSE he knew. Nothing happened in that administration that he didn’t both know about AND approve of!!

Those of us who have been following along have known about this for a long time too. Lisa Page’s text said as much. The $64K question is: will anything ever be done about it?

NOW can we arrest him???

While we are at it, he still needs to answer for Benghazi (along with Killary), fast and furious, and a plane full of cash to our enemies.

Besides the fact that that’s true of all presidents, including the current one, the FBI doesn’t spy, they conduct surveillance, a wholly legal activity of LE…

Talking about it solves nothing. Nobody has been held accountable. It’s been 2.5 years! When does the statute of limitations run out? Nothing will come of this. If anyone was going to be punished indictments would already filed. All talk no action.

Yes - let’s use the non-partisan FBI for partisan political purposes. Literally no American supports this. What country are you from?

But that’s not demonstrable…

Probably because no crime was committed. Don’t you think that if Trump could prosecute somebody for a crime on this that he would…:man_shrugging:

Yeah and my name is Rumplestilskin!


Good thing Obama only weaponized security and law enforcement assets against the political rival of a gal everyone assumed would win … can you imagine if he’d sent in some of his people in some botched up burglary of Trump campaign offices? The outrage from the Left…

Are you suggesting without any proof that Obama instructed the director of the FBI to commit a crime???

Brennan ran the operation under orders from Obama.


Prove that…

The days that Harry Truman held that the buck stops here are long gone. It’s all part of the seriousness of the charges only going one way.