Obama Judge Says Semi-Automatic Rifles Not Protected by 2nd Amendment

300 rounds per minute = 5 rounds per second

I know of no semi-automatic rifle (or pistol) capable of that firing rate. Somebody is blowing smoke up this judge’s dress.

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This is the problem you get into when idiots with an agenda are put on the bench.

The whole point of the 2nd Amendment was to ensure that in case of local, state/regional, or national Emergency the average man of military age could show up equipped to do battle and win.

Since Josephine Staton is an Obama appointee, her ruling is no surprise. Even a cursory reading of the #2A reveals that it is para-military in nature therefore the rifles are covered. How can she can miss it? It only shows she is an activist judge.

She made her ruling, now let her enforce it.

It’s easy for a ruling like this to get made in California. It won’t amount to anything and the asshole judge knows it. She should have to pay for the legal fees of opposing counsel.

How surprising is this ruling coming from a Schmobama appointee in Commiefornia.
She knows as much about military style weapons as she does about Nuclear Physics.
Maybe Eric Holder was her expert on military style weapons.


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She doesn’t have to, that’s up to the state’s LEO’s.

I stop reading after OBAMA ! :roll_eyes:

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Fastest rate of fire gun

The ShKAS machine gun is probably the fastest machine gun in the world (as traditionally defined, i.e, single barrel) with a maximum rate of about 3,000 rounds per minute. Various rotary cannons can surpass that, up to 6,000 rounds per minute for the Vulcan cannon and the M-134 minigun.

That’s impressive, but we’re talking semi-automatics here…wherein each shot requires a finger pull on the trigger. Machine guns do not qualify.

Even with bump stock, 300 rounds per minute would be unlikely attainable.

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I never needed a rifle that shot like a firehose. I prefer to comfortably sit with my 03 Springfield with the Kahles Competition telescopic sight, a sandbag & a thermos full of coffee, about 1,000+ yards from the target. Just make every shot count. I have a Mini 14 with a dual drum magazine; but it’s $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to shoot.